Why bugle

Easy to use video training platform:
make your training more engaging and flexible

Video is an engaging and flexible training format. Close-ups, tutorials, role playing animations, screen sharing, that’s your call! A smartphone and some creativity will do it.

Bugle is the easy to use tool that will allow you to publish great training videos and share it with your audience. They will have access anytime, anywhere. With bugle you can create your courses by yourself, no need for specialized staff or skills! Setup your online video training with bugle in under one hour!

bugle Video Training platform

Learning console

Offer a fully branded video learning experience to your audience in our seamless and mobile responsive course taking area. Students can watch your videos and have access to your training materials 24/7. They will also take quizzes and answer surveys and challenges. And they can ask questions about the course content. Once they’re done, they get their course certificate!

BugleVideo chapters

Standard video files, automatic video resolution, subtitles and video links.

BugleAdditional resources

Any kind of files (e.g .pdf, .doc, .xls) and url links.

BugleInteractions and Certification

Note taking, quizzes, surveys, challenges, Q&A, final tests and course certificates.

Learning Console

Course publisher

With bugle you can easily create and publish your video training. Define the course info and its structure. Upload your videos and any other resources. Use our super easy quiz creator to add some cool learning interactions, and our preview feature and course templates to make the most of our tool.

BugleCourse structuring

Course description, author, learning goals and structure.

BugleFile uploads

Video files, audio files, pictures, documents and urls.

BugleInteraction builders

Quiz, survey, and final test creator. Challenges and Q&As.

BugleSupport to course building

Duplicate courses, use templates or create your own.

Course Publisher

Training tool

With bugle you can easily manage your video training sessions. You may organize your courses with our categories and labels feature. Then define who are the students that have access to your course, and when. Once the training starts, you will be able to manage all student requests.

BugleContent organization

Course and documents categorization and labelling.

BugleCourse session setup

Course audience. Mandatory vs. optional. Training schedule.

BugleStudent requests and interactions

Course enrolment manager. Q&A and Challenges Inbox.

Training Tool

Audience management

Easily add and manage students on your bugle academy. You can do this individually or by importing a .csv file. Confirm the registration status of your students. Manage your student database creating all kinds of groups.

BugleStudent database

Student info (id, name, email, registration status, groups).

BugleGroup management

Group settings. Add and remove students.

Audience Management

Training reports

Assess and analyse your student performance monitoring results. Check overall results and filter by each course and student group. Drill down to individual level, where you will be able to confirm chapter completion and all individual interactions. Export results to a .csv file.

BugleAggregated indicators

Monitor overall student, course and group performance.

BugleIndividual level results

Check each student course completion and interactions.

BugleManage your data

Easily export all reports data.

Training Reports

Customization features

With bugle top customization features, you will run your own online academy. Offer a consistent and enjoyable experience to your audience with full platform branding. Customize your company certificates. Language selection available.

BugleFull platform branding

Logo, colors, domains and fonts.

BugleCustomized online certificates

Company or course specific certificates.

BugleAvailable in several languages

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin and Thai (more to come    soon).

Customization Features

Need more information or can’t find a specific feature you need? Talk to us!

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