Why bugle

Share informal knowledge with your users
with the Connect Tool

Sharing is caring! Bugle's Connect tool allows you to make your business audience feel special.
Share written news and video posts, schedule events, post surveys. Send direct messages to individuals or groups.

Measure your audience engagement with your published information. Whether congratulations are in order or you need to share an important message from your CEO, start connecting!

bugle Connect Tool

Share important information

Engage your audience by posting videos, articles, files, events and news. Share best practices, ideas and achievements. Create "Quotes Wednesday" or "Promo Friday"! Everything that you want to share with your audience, this is the right place.

BuglePosts feed

Share videos, pictures, text, articles, surveys.


Notify your audience of important dates.

Connect Tool

Engage with your audience

Bugle allows you to engage and interact with your audience in different ways.


Ask your audience for business related feedback.


Notify your audience by email about new posts.


Exchange messages and share files with your audience.

Connect Tool

Connect reports

Understand how your audience interacts with the information you share.

See the global results' indicators of all published content and groups. You can monitor results of specific content, group, categories and users.

BugleAggregated Information

See the number of views and visitors your content had.

BugleDetailed Information

See detailed indicators per content and per student.

Connect Tool

Customisation features

With bugle top customisation features, you will run your own online academy. Offer a consistent and enjoyable experience to your audience with full platform branding. Customise your company certificates. Language selection available.

BugleFull platform branding

Logo, colors, domains and fonts.

BugleFull content personalisation

Your videos, your images, your articles. 

BugleAvailable in several languages

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin and Thai (more to come soon).

bugle tool video training customization

Need more information or can’t find a specific feature you need? Talk to us!

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