Your digital training platform

Bugle is your easy-to-use and powerful online training platform. With bugle, you can onboard, train and share all kinds of knowledge with your customer, partners and team. 

Your digital training platform

Offer an engaging learning experience

With 24/7 access from any device, and a beautiful, simple design, personalised with your brand, your digital academy will be the go-to place where your customers, partners and team will find what they need to be better at work.

Experience bugle as a learner by watching bugle's demo as a course

Master training content development

Our easy to use publisher will allow you to quickly create, duplicate or update your courses and share them with your audience. 

Watch bugle's demo video to see it in action  

Engage your learners with video, html, and static content formats

Video is a great training format. Closeups, tutorials, role playing animations, screen sharing are all great ways of training your audience.
Still, sometimes other types of content like reading chapters work just fine. Or you may want to use an external HTML chapter (SCORM) in your course? With bugle, you can have them all.

Learn more video formats for training 

Surprise your learners with the full power of bugle course interactions

Surveys, quizzes, email notifications, assessments, Q&A, chat, feedback… Make sure you engage your audience from the start and throughout the entire learning experience.

Get feedback, check retention, send reminders, and keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Interact with your learners before, during and after training 

Craft personalised learning journeys

With bugle’s learning paths feature, you can create different learning journeys for each learner or group. Control the training experience of your audience members according to your business organisation and goals.

Learning Paths: defining your audience’s training journey

Make it your own Academy

With bugle, you can personalise your training platform with your own brand, colours, font, and so much more.
Make your audience feel at home and your marketing team proud with your fully branded platform.

Offer a fully branded experience with bugle's customisation features 

Analyse and act on your training insights

With detailed reporting on your training and learners, bugle will allow you to have a deep understanding of the effectiveness of your online academy, and how it is impacting your key business metrics.

Get detailed reporting on your training and audience 

Need to share quick and informal knowledge? We’ve got you covered.

Bugle’s Connect tool allows for the posting of articles, video announcements, events, and surveys. You can complement your training experience with our simple and optional informal knowledge sharing tool.

Keep engagement high with bugle's Connect tool

Your academy will be in the centre of your work, not on the side

Bugle’s API will allow you to integrate your academy with other tools such as CRM, Partner Management software, live streaming / conferencing tools, Marketing Automation platforms, and more.

The benefits of Integration and how bugle’s API can help 



Clients stories

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Partners Academy

"Creating Farfetch Connect (academy for partners) with bugle helped us maintain great operational quality and high engagement with partners while continuing to grow our store ecosystem."

Joana Costa, Business Communications Coordinator at Farfetch

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Customer Academy

“Bugle platform and training content support have been decisive to take the Century 21 Iberia real estate agent onboarding experience to the next level."

Ricardo Sousa, CEO at CENTURY 21 Ibéria

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