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Are you an innovative Marketing manager that wants to create an online academy to promote your company knowledge, products and services, generating more qualified leads in the process? Are you a top consultant specialist looking for a digital tool to deliver your knowledge? Do you have any other knowledge sharing needs related to your business? Bugle can help you.

With bugle, you can setup and manage your own online training and communication tool. You will be able to convey important information, share knowledge, teach skills, welcome new people, and align messages. Set the pace in your industry with certified video training and knowledge sharing. Take your business relationships to the next level.

Bugle Other Solutions

Generate product demand educating your leads

Educate the market on your product, certify your leads and accelerate the buyer’s journey. Set your own lead generation rhythm with highly qualified leads, and increase the impact of marketing on your business revenue. Having your own brand academy will help you stand out as a top player in your industry. It’s an easy call: create an academy for your brand.

Create an industry certification program

Offer a fully branded, engaging and enjoyable way to get your business audience certified on your product, process or technology. Create your own video training templates, upload your content and use quizzes and other bugle learning interactions to make your academy stand out.

Leverage your consulting expertise online

Need a platform to share your knowledge and showcase your expertise in your own consulting projects? Bugle is what you need. Leverage bugle's easy to use course area and backoffice to share your training, and distribute them to your audience through a beautiful seamless learning environment.

Train your team

One way to improve performance and retain talent is to offer continuous and engaging training to your employees. Great training will empower your employees with both the confidence and information they need to shine.

Get your new employees in tune with the company’s culture, values and compliance right from the start and keep them in the loop of your company news, events and celebrations. Engage each new team member from the start and throughout with the right call.

Transform your knowledge into a business with your online academy

Selling your courses can be an additional revenue generator. Bugle allows for the setup and easy run of your own online video academy. Upload your videos and documents, engage with your students with news, posts and surveys. Do it all by yourself with no need for technological support.

Outreach to your community

Make sure your organization associates and volunteers have access to all the knowledge they need to help your mission succeed. Offer updated video information on rules and compliance. Coach them on how to deal with typical operational situations. Certify your associates according to their involvement and skills.

What our clients say about us

"As part of the Santander Advance initiative, we of1635fered our SME clients video training courses produced by bugle Digital Learning Solutions team. They were highly appreciated, allowing us to further increase engagement with this critical client segment."

Bernardo Sá Nogueira, President of the Executive Committee at Universia/Santander Bank

"Bugle is a dynamic and modern platform that allowed us to keep the short implementation timeframe we had. With bugle our employee onboarding and training is consistent across all countries Colep operates in."

Joana Roda, Talent Development & Communications Manager at Colep

"We want our clinical knowledge to reach the healthcare professional community and bugle is a great choice both as a platform provider and as a course creation partner. We are enjoying creating our courses with the help of bugle’s Digital Learning Solutions team."

Francisca Leite, Director of Training, Research and Innovation at Luz Saúde
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