Increase your sales team performance with Sales Training

Even the best sales teams lose otherwise winnable deals when they lack consistent information about their product benefits. However, training these teams in situ can be very costly and time consuming, specially when they are geographically dispersed and have high rotation.

With bugle, you can create your own video training sales academy to on-board and continuously train your sales team. Increase momentum on your sales performance by empowering your sales teams with the confidence and knowledge they need to accelerate their pace.

For a simple and effective way to do this, you’ve come to right place.

bugle for Sales Training

On-board and train your Sales team

Make the on-boarding process of your sales team enjoyable and consistent. Easily on-board new team members, regardless of their location. Use video to offer an "in person" feel recording yourself and your team while sharing critical business input. Use our quizzes, surveys and certificated tests to make sure your sales team feels comfortable and is knowledgeable of processes, responsibilities and sales goals.

Deliver great product training

Improve your sales team’s knowledge of your products and empower them with updated product information. Create simple role play videos on how to sell your product and overcome customer objections. If you need help producing the videos, our DLS team is here to help.

Improve your team's sales skills

Help your team develop the sales skills they need to perform better. Coach your sales team on how to do prospecting, qualify leads, understand prospects’ needs, overcome objections, create rapport, close deals and any other skills. Assess training retention by using the evaluation tools (e.g. quizzes, challenges).

Showcase your top sales people and their best practices

Ask your top sales people to offer advice on how to achieve your sales goals and create a great relationship with customers. Foster a positive attitude, team spirit and a sense of belonging, even if your team is spread across locations. You can use bugle's Connect tool to showcase achievements, spread news and get feedback from personalized surveys.

Measure online training impact on your sales results

Track, analyse and report on your sales teams’ training – individually or globally – and its impact on your results. Use bugle reports to monitor aggregated and individual results. Easily export all data to a .csv file.

Sales software training

Your team probably needs to use a CRM or other sales enablement tool. Make a video on how to use the tool to help increase efficiency and productivity. Screencasting is the perfect type of video to show how to use software.

What our clients say about us

"As market leaders, customers expect our advice on the solution that best fits their business challenges. Being quickly updated on WeDo Technologies products and services is at the core of our sales team and customer success. With bugle, we were able to have the product and message alignment across all sales reps delivered through a variety of locations in order to achieve a high-performing global team."

Carlos Marques, Head of Product Marketing at WeDo Technologies

"This platform and the course we built together is completely in line with what we need to give to our sales force so that they can be more effective."

Olga Sakellarides, Sales Development Senior Manager at NOS (Telco Market Leader)

"Bugle is a dynamic and modern platform that allowed us to keep the short implementation timeframe we had. With bugle our employee onboarding and training is consistent across all countries Colep operates in."

Joana Roda, Talent Development & Communications Manager at Colep
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