Improve customer satisfaction and retention with an
online Customer Training Academy

Success brings new challenges. There’s a moment where the Customer Success team of a successful organization feels that their traditional ways of customer support are no longer compatible with the company's growth. If this situation is not properly addressed, support quality and retention levels can be affected!

Set the tune for Customer Education in your industry. Become the new standard. With bugle you will be able to provide the knowledge your customers need to make the most of your product and services. They will return your love with higher retention. And become your brand promoters!


Onboard a super Customer Success Team

Product and company training are crucial to motivate and empower your new team members. Offer online video training  your new hires to embrace your company values so that it plays out when they engage with your customers.

Customer on-boarding made easy

Onboard your customers with the sound of trumpets! Well, not literally. But with bugle. Make them feel welcome to your solutions in your fully branded academy with all the video training and product information they need to successfully use your product. Create a special connection from day 1.

Increase product usage

Your relationship with your customers shouldn’t stop with the onboarding process. Offer your customers a place where they can continuously rely on to get information, product updates, training, certifications, and allow them to share that place with their own new team members. Keep in mind that customer training drives product adoption.

Make sure new product features are used and loved by your customers

Your product team has made a great job with this awesome new feature. Now it's up to your team to make sure it is adopted by your customers. With bugle, you can create the perfect user guide for your product. Share it with your customers and ask for their feedback. Then track in your customers' engagement with this tutorial and its impact in the adoption of the new feature.

Reactivate dormant customers

Sometimes customers sound the retreat call. One of the main reasons for dropping out of a product is the fact that they stopped using it. To overcome this lack of interest, offering ongoing training to your customers is paramount. The more your customers are engaged, the less likely it is for them to want to leave. Sound the wake up call to disengaged customers and change them back into active users. Provide recovery video training, send training notifications and reminders - make sure your customers know you're still there for them.

Turn your customers into ambassadors

Certify your best customers rewarding them with gradual product certificates for increasing tiers of product knowledge and usage. Your product certification will now follow your customers in their professional journey. Certified customers equals product ambassadors, and more ambassadors equals more business!

What our clients say about us

"As part of the Santander Advance initiative, we offered our SME clients video training courses produced by bugle Digital Learning Solutions team. They were highly appreciated, allowing us to further increase engagement with this critical client segment."

Bernardo Sá Nogueira, President of the Executive Committee at Universia/Santander Bank

"As market leaders, customers expect our advice on the solution that best fits their business challenges. Being quickly updated on WeDo Technologies products and services is at the core of our sales team and customer success. With bugle, we were able to have the product and message alignment across all sales reps delivered through a variety of locations in order to achieve a high-performing global team."

Carlos Marques, Head of Product Marketing at WeDo Technologies

"We want our clinical knowledge to reach the healthcare professional community and bugle is a great choice both as a platform provider and as a course creation partner. We are enjoying creating our courses with the help of bugle’s Digital Learning Solutions team."

Francisca Leite, Director of Training, Research and Innovation at Luz Saúde
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