Onboard and train your customers, partners and team

Training needs, goals and type of usage are different for every client. And that’s how it’s supposed to be.
We believe the pricing of your training platform should reflect that.

With bugle, you have two subscription models available: user-based and a usage-based.

User Based Subscription


Your subscription is based on the number of active users of your training platform, regardless of the amount of training time done. You can, at any time, add more users.

Best for
  • Sales training
  • Employee training
Type of usage
  • Frequent training
  • Predictable usage
  • Mandatory Training
Usage Based Subscription


You subscribe to a package of hours, regardless of how many users you have in your training platform. You can, at any time, add more hours. This means you pay per actual hours of training completed by your user.

Best for
  • Customer training
  • Partner training
  • Brand academies
Type of usage
  • Sporadic training
  • Uncertain usage
  • Voluntary training

All subscriptions include

  • Multiples training content formats
  • Additional resources area
  • Course previewer
  • Audience management & segmentation
  • Group management
  • Platform customization
  • Role based permissions
  • Detailed training data reporting
  • Video subtitles
  • Personalized certificates
  • Content categorization
  • Student database management
  • Sessions
  • E-mail notifications
  • Sign up options
  • Student feedback
  • Course publisher
  • Content tagging
  • Personalized domain, font and favicon
  • Content repository
  • Interactivity features
  • Video Links

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Please fill in the form and we will get back to you with the most competitive customized quote, starting at 4.500€ / year, that will allow for a low-risk launch of your academy and to grow it sustainably.

Available Add-ons

Connect tool add-on

Connect Tool

Informal knowledge sharing and engagement tool where you can share quick updates, news, articles, surveys, videos, polls, achievements, events, and more.

Bugle's connect tool

Training content production service

Training content production

Our Digital Learning Experiences team can help you with your courses and training programme. There are different models available from turn-key delivery to consulting in specific steps of the process.

Digital Learning Services 

Training platform integrations

Platform Integrations

Integrate bugle with other platforms such as your CRM, Marketing automation software, Customer and Partner Management Tools, your product, your website, or others.

Training platform integrations 

Why bugle?

  • Easy to use online training platform.
  • Quickly add, remove and change training content.
  • Additional resources and further reading.
  • Training content repository.
  • Detailed reporting on training and audience.
  • Optional Connect Tool.
  • Total availability for your audience: 24/7, from any device.
  • Video-based platform, allowing for multiple training content formats such as reading chapters and SCORM.
  • Interactivity, feedback and evaluation features (quizzes, surveys, challenges, Q&A, automated notifications).
  • Audience management and segmentation.
  • Audience comfort features (10+ languages available, in-app note taking, video player size selection, chapter selection).
  • Access to bugle's Digital Learning Experiences team to consult on or create your training content and / or programme.

Amazing clients getting the most of their training with bugle

More about our clients

Client logo Farfetch

"As a product marketing Executive, I am responsible for the creation of materials and documentation of our products, internal and externally. With Bugle, I was able to deliver world-class product communication quality to our partners in a practical and efficient way. "

Ana Guedes,Product Marketing Executive at Farfetch

Client logo Century21

“Bugle platform and training content support have been decisive to take the Century 21 Iberia real estate agent onboarding experience to the next level."

Ricardo Sousa, CEO at CENTURY 21 Iberia

Client logo Nestle

"Academia Barista Online is sharing knowledge about coffee, in an accessible and immediate way, available anywhere and anytime to our HORECA clients."

Lurdes Carvalho, Training Manager at Nestlé Professional

Client logo EDP

“Bugle platform and training content support have been instrumental to align our go to market with our sales partners."

Gustavo Gomes Monteiro, Executive Board Member at EDP Comercial

Client logo Mobileum

"As part of the Santander Advance initiative, we offered our SME clients video training courses produced by bugle Digital Learning Solutions team. They were highly appreciated, allowing us to further increase engagement with this critical client segment."

Carlos Marques, Head of Product Marketing at Mobilium


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