bugle partners

By partnering with bugle, you can generate additional revenue and offer your clients a subscription-based video training academy that will help them onboard and train their customers, partners or employees.

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What do you get from being a bugle partner?

BugleGrow your portfolio

Add a subscription-based video training platform to your offer.

BugleTechnology comission

From selling bugle platform.

BugleContent creation

Create or consult on training courses and additional related resources.

BugleNew services revenue stream

Manage the bugle platform on behalf of your clients.


Who can be a bugle Partner?

BugleConsulting and Advisory firms

That work with their customers in the following areas: Sales, Customer Success, Operations, Partners Management or Marketing.

BugleMarketing Agencies

Who want to help their customers generate more qualified leads and want to extend their technology and service offer.

BugleTraining Consultants

Specialized in Sales, Customer Success, Operations, Partners Management or Marketing.

BugleCommunity Managers

Specialized in Sales, Customer Success, Operations, Partners Management or Marketing.


How your customers can benefit from having
an online video training academy?

Knowledge sharing activities
Corporate benefits for your clients
Partners training
  • Higher partners engagement and performance driving more sales and better margins.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • Student feedback.
  • Higher standards and consistency.
  • Easy onboarding.
  • Help scale operations.
  • Operational and compliance training.
Sales training
  • Higher sales performance.
  • Higher sales reps retention.
  • Faster go-to-market cycle.
  • Consistent onboarding.
  • Continouos product and sales training.
Customer education
  • Higher retention.
  • Lower churn rates.
  • Lower cost of service.
  • Customers become brand ambassadors.
  • Increase product usage.
Brand academy
  • Better sales acquisition rates.
  • Lead generation (highly qualified).
  • Demand generation.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Product certification.

Why bugle

How is bugle different from other
online training solutions?

Unlike Youtube or Vimeo, bugle is a sign-up only academy, with full branding, real time monitoring and certification. Unlike tradicional LMS, bugle is an easy to use and low-cost DIY academy, with good looks and a great connect tool.

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