Utilities Training Solutions

Improve channel partners performance by setting up a Sales Partners Academy to onboard, train, and continuously engage and support these key stakeholders.

Training solutions for the utilities industry

Sales readiness and Partners training solutions

The best way to improve your sales partners’ performance and ensure alignment with your message, standards and brand is to offer great training, from onboarding new agents to keeping them with up-to-date information, available 24/7.

Product knowledge is key to being able to sell it. But that’s not all. You can leverage your online academy for skills training that will help each agent perform their best, and company training to create a sense of belonging, share your values, mission and standards.

We can help you do that with an easy-to-use training platform and our Digital Learning Experiences team that can support you on the creation of effective and engaging courses and training programmes.

Your academy, your brand

The bugle platform can be fully personalized to your brand, making it an immersive brand experience and creating a sense belonging and familiarity with your brand. You can also offer personalized certificates to motivate and integrate your sales agents.

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Automate and personalize onboarding

Create your sales partners’ training journey from the onboarding and throughout. You can create different learning journeys for each agent based on any other criteria you see fit. This will ensure all agents get the same standard of training and reduce training costs and your team’s time.

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Get detailed reporting on your sales partners activities

When it comes to sales and performance, it’s important to have access to real-time actionable data that you can analyse and report on. With bugle’s detailed training area, you will be able to know what each agent does in the academy and understand the training’s impact on each agent, team or overall results.

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Integrate your academy with your CRM

By integrating your digital academy with your CRM, you will be able to get benefits in two ways. You will be able to analyse the relation between your digital academy and business results in a more immediate way. And your agents and sales team can have seamless access to your academy both by using a single sign-on integration, and by being able to quickly access the training they need directly from the platform they use the most.

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Integrate your academy with your CRM

High turn-over or not sure how many agents will sign-up? No worries!

You can select an annual subscription based on training hours instead of active licenses. This means you do not need to worry about turn-over or the exact number of agents in advance because, with this type of subscription, there’s no limit on that number!

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Customised subscription plans

Need help creating your courses or training programme?

Bugle’s Digital Learning Experiences team can help you develop the most effective training for your agents, whether it’s product, skills or company training, we can help you create the most effective training. From turn-key course production or help in specific parts of the course creation process, our team of instructional designers and multimedia experts are here to support you.

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Digital Learning Services


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Client logo EDP

Sales Partners Training

“EDP Comercial's Academy is critical in our sales partners' development strategy. Bugle software - together with the online courses we build with their team - are essential in our sales operations."

Carla Marques, Sales Training and Readiness Manager at EDP Comercial

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Client logo NOS

Sales Partners Training

“NOS Empresas Academy materializes our external sales team development strategy. The bugle platform and the courses we build together are completely in line with what we need to give to our sales force so that they can be more effective.”

Olga Sakellarides, Sales Development Senior Manager at NOS 

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