Life Sciences Training Solutions

Improve channel partners sales and operational performance setting up your Partners Academy to onboard, train, and continuously engage and support them.

Life Sciences training solutions

Channel Partners Training

In an industry dedicated to creating products to improve people’s lives, it’s crucial that your partners truly understand your products, usage, deliverability, standards, compliance and regulations and so on. Great partners training will help you do just that.

Your channel partners are crucial to your business results, their success is your success. To help your channel partners be successful, being them pharmacies, drugstores, or other retail points, you need to provide great product and category training, and keep them engaged with your brand, creating a sense of belonging, motivation and loyalty.

Channel partners, distributors, need to be well trained in your products, compliance and regulations, brand, sales techniques, and other skills that will help them be better at their job. They must look at you as the definitive category leader in your segment!

We can help you do that with an easy-to-use training platform available 24/7 from any device, and a Digital Learning Experiences team that can help you create effective and engaging video courses.

Really your brand Academy!

The bugle platform can be fully personalised to your brand. This means your partners will be within your brand environment when taking the courses and accessing other informal knowledge you want to share.

You can also personalise your certificates And whether you need to certify your partners or use personalised certificates as motivation and incentive, they will be made available to your partners in your academy.

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You will not need your partners' emails in advance!

With bugle, you can have a sign-up process in place where you send authentication codes to your partners and they will decide what email to use in your academy when they register.

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Don’t know how many channel partners will sign-up? No worries!

With bugle, you can have an annual subscription based on training hours instead of active licenses subscribed. This means you do not need to know in advance the exact number of partners that you will be able to drive to your academy, there’s no limit on that number!

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Learning paths that can be configured for each partner

Create your channel partners’ training journey. You can create different journeys for each partner, partner type, region, language, product or any other criteria you see fit.

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Also need an informal knowledge sharing tool?

Meet our Connect Add-on. An optional module you can use to continuously engage your channel partners by sharing informal knowledge. Whether it is an event, news about the company, a milestone celebration, a quick video or article, you can share this information in your Channel Partners Academy.

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Digital Learning Services

Bugle’s Digital Learning Experiences team can help you develop the most effective training for your partners. Whether you need turn-key course production or help in specific parts of the course creation process, our team of instructional designers and multimedia experts can help you.

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Digital Learning Services


Clients stories

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Clinical Staff Training

"We want our clinical knowledge to reach the healthcare professional community and bugle is a great choice both as a platform provider and as a course creation partner. We are enjoying creating our courses with the help of bugle’s Digital Learning Experiences team."

Francisca Leite, Director of Training, Research and Innovation at Luz Saúde

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Partners Training

"Creating Farfetch Connect (academy for partners) with bugle helped us maintain great operational quality and high engagement with partners while continuing to grow our store ecosystem."

Joana Costa, Business Communications Coordinator at Farfetch

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