Cybersecurity & Analytics Training Solutions

Improve customer retention with product knowledge and increased usage, while boosting your team’s efficiency. A Customer Academy will help you onboard, train, and continuously engage and support your customers.

Cybersecurity & Analytics Training Solutions

Customer Training for Cybersecurity & Analytics SaaS

The fight against customer churn is one of the top focuses in any company as it impacts growth and the bottom line. When it comes to SaaS, lack of product knowledge, a shortage of learning materials and insufficient skills can lead to clients’ inability to truly understand and use your software, low satisfaction and low buy-in from the customers’ team.

Furthermore, cybersecurity and analytics involve different and sometimes difficult to explain concepts, underlying technology, activities, and more. It’s also used by people in different roles, with different levels of literacy in these areas. Customer Training will help you overcome all these challenges.

And it’s not just about creating a great user guide for your SaaS. You will be able to create a customer onboarding training programme that is also efficient for your customer care teams. Your customers will have access to great training available 24/7, allowing for increased customer engagement with your software and, by providing great product training as well as skills development options you’ll help them have better results using your product and help them be better at their job.

Your Academy, your brand

You can offer a true brand experience to your customers by personalizing the bugle platform to your brand. This means your customers will be in your brand environment during onboarding and training.

You can also offer personalised cerificates as motivation and incentive to your customers, and to position your brand as the go-to industry leader for knowledge in your field.

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Automate and personalise your customer onboarding experience

With bugle’s learning paths feature, you can automate your customer onboarding training, making it more efficient, saving your customer care teams’ time, and making sure all customers get the same great experience and knowledge. You can even define different learning paths for different types of customers to make it relevant for their roles.

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Seamless navigation with integration

Offer a seamless experience for your customers to get help and training by integrating bugle with your software so that help and training is just a click away, 24/7. You can also integrate bugle with your CRM to have a 360º view of your customers’ activities in your academy and get integrated reporting that will allow you to truly understand your training’s impact on your business.

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Seamless navigation with integration


Plenty of training content formats to choose from

To increase product usage and make sure your customers have the skills to make the most of your product, you’ll be able to choose from an array of formats. From video, html5 or reading type chapters, to quizzes, Q&A, challenges and assessments, you’ll be able to offer a high-retention, high engagement training to your customers.

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Detailed reporting on all training activities

With bugle’s detailed reporting you’ll be able to analyse everything each customer does in your academy, and cross-reference it with business metrics to have a true understanding of your training’s impact on Customer Success and business KPIs.

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Seems expensive? Think again!

With bugle, you can have an annual subscription based on training hours instead of active licenses subscribed. This means growing is easy as there is no limit to the number of customers you can include in your academy, because you’ll only be paying for actual usage!

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bugle's customised subscription plans


Clients stories

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Client logo Nestle

HORECA clients training

"Our Barista Academy partnering with bugle has given us the possibility to multiply our customer training and help our customers to respond to their continuous training needs and impress their consumers with great cups of coffee." 

Victor Martins, Business Executive Office for Nestlé Professional

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Client logo Santander

SME Clients training

“As part of the Santander Advance initiative, we offered our SME clients video training courses produced by bugle's Digital Learning Solutions team. They were highly appreciated, allowing us to further increase engagement with this critical client segment." 

Bernardo Sá Nogueira,President of the Executive Committee at Santander Advance

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