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Onboard and train your team regardless of their location, get detailed data on their training activities and keep them engaged and motivated with great training available 24/7.
Setup your company’s digital employee academy.

Employee Training solutions

Your company’s employee academy will be a performance booster

Your team is your biggest asset and training is key to improve their performance and retain talent. Great training will empower your employees with both the confidence and information they need to shine. Get your new and current employees in tune with the company’s culture, values and compliance right from the start, and make sure they have 24/7 access to the knowledge, skills and tools they need to succeed.

Bugle is here to be your 
training partner

Easy to use training platform

Bugle’s top notch course publisher will enable you to quickly create your courses and make them available to your team.

You can choose from a diverse array of content formats, such as video, pdf documents, html files (SCORM), quizzes, challenges, surveys, assessments, Q&A, student feedback, and other cool training possibilities such as creating loom videos that become instant course chapters.

You can have all your training content in the platform’s repository so you can quickly build new courses, or duplicate existent courses where you only need to change some of the chapters.

Learner Management and segmentation

You know not all employees need to access the same training. Bugle allows you to deliver the right training to the right people, specific individuals or groups, so that each team member will only see the training that is relevant for them.

You can define as many groups as you need, based on any criteria you see fit, from onboarding stage, function, seniority, leadership, region, and so on.

Detailed reporting on individuals, teams and content

With bugle, it’s easy to keep track of what each employee or team is doing in your academy, and easily download reports that will allow you to measure your training’s impact on their performance. You will be able to get detailed reporting on your employees: courses completed, assessment grades, student feedback, and much more – you’ll even be able to check which questions each learner answered correctly or incorrectly in quizzes and assessments. Also, you’ll get tons of data on your training content so you can analyse its performance and make adjustments as needed.

Promote engagement and a sense of belonging with your branded academy

By personalising your employee academy for your brand, you will be able to offer a fully branded learning environment for your team. Each team member can select a different language making it more inclusive, and you can offer personalised certificates for course completion.

Your team will also enjoy bugle’s connect tool, where you can share news and company events, celebrate individual or team achievements and keep your employees engaged and motivated.

Personalised Learning Paths

You can define different learning paths for different team members or groups. Create onboarding learning journeys or make sure your team follows a specific learning path by using this great feature. You’ll just need to identify the order of the courses and let the automation handle the rest.

Integrate your training platform with your HR software

You can integrate bugle with your HR software making it easier to manage and track onboarding and training activities and needs, integrated reporting of impact in productivity and performance, and a better understanding of potential knowledge gaps.

Integrate bugle with your HR software

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Employee Training

"The best experience for our employees! Tailor-made content, permanently available for better management of material and human resources"

Cláudia Pêgo, Quality & HR Manager at Randstad Portugal

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Employee Training

"Bugle's platform is very intuitive to both learner and platform manager. It
has been a great experience for us because it fulfils our training needs,
allowing our mandatory internal training to be given to all employees.
Also, bugle's support is constant and quick."

Diana Ferreirinha, Human Resources Development

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