bugle Video training video

Onboard and train your customers, partners and team with your online video training platform. 

Why bugle?
- Easy to use online training platform
- Total availability for your audience: 24/7, from any device
- Quickly add, remove or change training content
- Video-based platform
- Additional resources and further reading
- Interactivity, feedback and evaluation features (quizzes, surveys, challenges, Q&A, notifications)
- Training content repository
- Audience segmentation
- Detailed reporting on training and audience
- Audience comfort features (select language, in-app note taking, video player size selection, chapter selection, easy UX)
- Optional connect tool
- Access to bugle's Digital Learning Solutions team to consult on or create your training
- And more. 

Personalized quote, based on your training needs, goals and type of usage. 

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