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Great customer onboarding and training is key to happy, lang-lasting customer relationships.
Setup your company’s digital Customer Academy.

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Increase customer success with an online Customer Academy

Preventing customer churn is one of the key drivers for all customer care teams. Achieving this goal starts at the onboarding stage by helping your customers get to first-value quickly. This means helping them have a great understanding of your product and helping them be successful using it. Also, continuous training will allow you to skill your customers to be better at using your product.

A digital academy will help do just that, as it be available 24/7 wherever they are, whenever they need it. Your customer care teams will also have more time available for other success related activities and queries that actually need their intervention, allowing your customers to easily find what the help they need in your customer academy.

Bugle is your customer training partner

Get a great start with automated customer onboarding

Create personalised learning paths to guide your customers through the onboarding stage. Have a low touch approach with a high touch feel and offer your customers a great start by helping them get to first value quickly.

Perfect integration for a seamless experience

Integrate bugle with your product or website enabling a seamless user experience for your customers, and with your customer management system to increase efficiency and unify reporting. These are 7 training platform integrations that will boost your business.

Perfect integration for a seamless experience

Offer a true brand experience in your academy

Offer a fully branded customer experience with bugle's customization features.
Add your brand’s logo, colours, font, images and so on to provide a true brand experience.

Make low touch feel like high touch with video

With a video-first approach, you can make your customer onboarding and training feel human and offer the same standard of training to all customers, without taking time from your customer care teams, that can focus on other success-related activities.

You can also make the most of all the other different training content formats available: pdf documents, html files, quizzes, challenges, surveys, assessments, Q&A, student feedback, note-taking and other cool training possibilities.

Offer personalised certificates to your customers

Offer personalised certificates to your customers that successfully complete your academy’s courses to increase their commitment and product usage, while keeping them engaged. Everyone likes to be rewarded and recognised!

Offer personalised certificates to your customers

Get a full understanding of your customer academy’s impact on your business

With bugle’s detailed reporting, you can analyse all customers’ activities within your academy and cross reference this data with your business results to truly understand the impact your training is having in your Customer Success and business KPIs.

Digital Learning Services

Our Digital Learning Experiences team can help you develop great customer training courses and programmes, being it for onboarding or continuous training. From product training to skills that will help your customers make the most of your product, you'll find the best solution for you within our digital learning services.

Digital Learning Services

Usage based subscription

Don't worry about your growing number of customers, or how many people in your customers' organisation need access to training. 

You can have an annual subscription based on training hours instead of active licenses or number of users. What's important is that your customer get the training they need to increase usage, be engaged and satisfied, and always find the help they need in your customer academy.

Usage-based subscription

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Client logo Santander

SME clients training

"As part of the Santander Advance initiative, we offered our SME clients video training courses produced by bugle's Digital Learning Solutions team. They were highly appreciated, allowing us to further increase engagement with this critical client segment."

Bernardo Sá Nogueira, President of the Executive Committee at Santander Advance

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HORECA clients training

"Our Barista Academy partnering with bugle has given us the possibility to multiply our customer training and help our customers to respond to their continuous training needs and impress their consumers with great cups of coffee."

Victor Martins, Business Executive Office at Nestlé Professional

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