Bugle features

How can we help you be more efficient, effective and achieve more success with your online training activities? These are some of our clients' favourite features.

bugle platform features

Your academy, your brand

Personalise your bugle training platform with your logo, colours, fonts and other brand assets, as well as your own  domain for the academy.

Offer a fully branded learning experience with bugle's customisation features 

Plenty of content formats to choose from

Bugle allows for a variety of content formats, both as chapters of your courses and as additional resources. So, besides video, reading and HTML5 chapters, you can also share quizzes, surveys, challenges, assessments and more to interact with your students.

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Your academy deserves personalised certificates

You can have personalised certificates by course that are generated automatically once your learners finish the course or pass the final assessment. Each certificate includes the learner’s name, course, date of completion and, of course, your brand.

Why training certificates are great for business 



Create personalised learning paths

Assign each learner or group to specific content and design specific learning journeys. The learning paths feature will enable you to automate your audience's learning journey.

Learning Paths: defining your audience’s training journey 

Communication and notification features

With bugle, you can have two-way communication with your audience. There are different ways you can do this both in and out of the course-taking environment, with Q&A, direct messages, personalized emails, and automated notifications.

Keep your learners engaged with bugle notifications 

Over 10 languages to choose from

You and your students can select from over 10 languages (and counting). Both the student area and the backoffice will be in the selected language.
And if the language you need is not there yet, we can quickly make it available.

The bugle platform is available in more than 10 languages 

All the data you need with detailed reporting

With bugle’s detailed real-time reporting, you will be able to know everything your students do in your training platform, and understand the impact of your training activities on your business.

Learn more about detailed reporting 

Integrate your platforms for more efficiency

You can integrate other platforms you use with bugle, whether it’s your CRM, ERP, Partners management software, Marketing automation, HR software or any other tool via API or ad-hoc integration.

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Integrate your platforms for more efficiency

Diversity of authentication methods

There are different ways for your students to access your academy, from different sign up options (even if they don’t have an email) to SSO integration.

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Connect Tool for informal knowledge sharing

Learn more about bugle’s add-on Connect Tool. Add another layer of engagement and communication with your learners to share informal knowledge such as news, celebrations, important dates and more.

Keep engagement high with bugle's Connect Tool