Managing an Online Sales Academy

In this course, you will learn how to create, launch and run a successful sales academy in your company.

If you are in charge of helping sales teams perform better, or want to learn how to build and maintain a successful Sales Training Academy, this course is for you!

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1h 36m
Managing An Online Sales Academy

What you’ll learn

Module 1


  • Welcome1 min 45 secs

Module 2


  • What is a sales academy1 min 45 secs
  • What to consider when selecting a platform4 min 34 secs
  • When is the right time to invest2 min 24 secs
  • Making the case for an academy1 min 48 secs
  • Getting all the stakeholders onboard2 min 23 secs

Module 3


  • Introduction1 min 23 secs
  • Defining the training journey3 min 34 secs
  • Aligning training needs with team performance1 min 59 secs
  • Outlining your training content development3 min 40 secs
  • Training as part of your sales team’s culture2 min 5 secs

Module 4

Setting up

  • Introduction1 min 19 secs
  • Defining the content production calendar1 min 59 secs
  • Developing content aligned with your goals3 min 11 secs
  • Sales academy platform set-up2 min 13 secs
  • The communication plan2 min 40 secs
  • Launching your academy1 min 34 secs

Module 5


  • Keeping your academy updated3 min 2 secs
  • Keeping your playbook online3 min 15 secs
  • Tracking and reporting the results2 min 28 secs

Throughout the course you will have quizzes and challenges, as well as access to additional resources about the topics discussed in the course