About bugle

Bugle 101: getting started

Quickly get your courses ready and available to your students, using bugle’s powerful and customisable digital training platform.

In this course, you will learn bugle’s simple process to create a course and make it available to your audience. This includes how to add and manage your audience, how to create a course structure and fill it with your training content and interactivity moments, how to monitor results and how to use bugle's communication features.

Go ahead and get started!

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bugle101 getting started

What you’ll learn

Module 1

Bugle Fundamentals

  • Understanding bugle3 min 11 secs
  • Platform overview3 min 33 secs

Module 2

Add your audience and course

  • How to add your audience3 min 11 secs
  • How to create your course structure1 min 50 secs
  • How to add your content and make it appealing3 min 3 secs

Module 3


  • How to make your course available2 min 4 secs
  • How to communicate with your audience2 min 25 secs
  • How to monitor results2 min 18 secs

Throughout the course you will have quizzes and challenges, as well as access to additional resources about the topics discussed in the course