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Generate high quality leads and offer educational content to nurture, engage and qualify them throughout the entire customer journey. Make your brand the go-to knowledge provider in your industry and build brand trust and relevance.
Setup your company’s online Brand Academy.

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Brand academy solutions

Your company’s Brand Academy will be a lead magnet

Attract, convert and nurture leads while building brand awareness and product demand with educational content. With your brand academy, you’ll be able to establish your brand as the go-to source of knowledge in your industry, by offering product and skills training alongside thought leadership content.

An academy will attract exactly the type of leads you are looking for. As your academy is gated, your leads need to convert to access its content, and you can continue the conversation and move them along the customer journey, tailoring them to become better leads – and customers.

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Your brand’s Academy

Offer an immersive brand experience in your academy by fully personalising it to your brand. Your logo, your colours, your font, your images, your domain. You can easily change all the visual elements to reflect a specific campaign or new product.

You’ll have plenty of formats to choose from when sharing knowledge with your leads and clients: video, pdf documents, html files, quizzes, challenges, surveys, assessments, Q&A, student feedback, and more. 

Gated access to generate leads

To access your brand academy your visitors will need to register. This means you’ll be able to collect their information and segment the training content based on that information, and continue the conversation through lead nurturing both in the academy and all your other communication channels. 
Your brand's academy will be a key part of your content marketing strategy.

Personalised certificates with your brand to share on social media

Offer personalised certificates to your audience so they feel motivated and wanting to get more. Also, your leads can share their certificates on social media and you can take advantage of the network effect, bringing in even more qualified leads.

Personalised certificates with your brand to share on social media


Personalised workflows for different types of audience

Segment your audience and design different learning paths according to the criteria you see fit. Whether for different products, job titles, stage in customer journey, languages and so on.

You can build an automated journey for your leads and clients to follow and match your learning content with specific learner profiles.

Integrate your brand academy with your Marketing Automation software

There are plenty of benefits of integrating your academy with your marketing automation software. It will allow for a deeper and recorded knowledge of each lead’s behaviour and interests, enabling a more comprehensive lead profile and detailed reporting.

You can also use your leads’ activities in the academy as triggers in your workflows.

Integrate bugle with your Marketing Automation software

Get detailed reporting on your academy

In marketing, you need to be able to analyse and report on results and prove marketing activities' impact on business results.
With bugle’s detailed reporting, you’ll get all the data you need on both the leads and the training content’s performance.

Clients stories

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Client logo Santander

SME Clients training

"As part of the Santander Advance initiative, we offered our SME clients video training courses produced by bugle's Digital Learning Solutions team. They were highly appreciated, allowing us to further increase engagement with this critical client segment."

Bernardo Sá Nogueira, President of the Executive Committee at Santander Advance

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Client logo EDP

B2B clients training

“Bugle platform and training content support have been instrumental to foster deeper relationships with our B2B client base."

Miguel Fonseca, Board Member at EDP Comercial

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