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You want to offer the best training experience to your learning audience. Part of that is offering a beautiful learning environment, simple to use and with all your learner needs to make the most of your course. Take a look at bugle’s course area!

Welcome to the bugle course area!

Here you will find all the tools you need for a fantastic learner experience:


1. The video player: your video player with a complete set of controls where you can adapt the video visualisation to your preference, and a note taking button, that will pause the video so you can write your notes in the incorporated note taking area, just below the video player. Also, you can also select to see the subtitles, if you have added a subtitle file to the video.

2. On the left side, you have the course structure. This will know you easily find a specific chapter, know what’s next, and see exactly where you are within the course completion.

3. Course chapter: each course is divided into chapters.

4. Locked chapter: chapter that will unlock when the learner has completed all the previous chapters.

5. Quiz chapter: one or a set of quick answer questions, to assess knowledge retention and interact with the learners.

6. Challenge chapter: this type of chapter is an open text field question where you invite the learners to share their experience, analyse a case study, or offer a longer or more complex answer.

7. Final Evaluation: a set of questions the learner should be able to answer to be awarded a course completion certificate.

8. Student feedback: chapter with a quiz to get feedback from the students, about the course, the authors, the content…

9. Resources. With bugle you can add all kinds of resources to your videos. This can be related checklists, glossary, regulation code, documents your learner needs to fill, product specs… you name it!

10. Notes. Here is where your learners will find all the notes they have taken, and where they can more notes, at any point in the course.

11. The Q&A. This is where your audience can ask questions about the course and receive the answers from the author or the training manager. Your students will also be able to see all the questions and answers from other people who have taken the course.

All this in a beautiful interface, simple to use and always available to your audience.

Ready to see how your own brand academy will look like? Get your bugle on!

Writen by Carina Leal
08-Oct-2018 10:07:00

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