With different roles come different permissions

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Each person or third party involved in your training needs different types of permissions, based on their role in the project. With bugle, setting and managing these permissions is easy.

With bugle, there are 6 types of backoffice permissions, based on specific roles, that will allow you to keep control of your academy and make sure everyone can access what they need to do their jobs.

Administrator: all access.

Publisher: this permission allows you to upload content to the repository, create authors and publish courses.

Training manager: this permission allows you to manage the catalogue, courses, student enrollment, Q&A and challenges.

Community manager: this permission allows you to manage, segment and post content to the connect tool.

Report manager: this permission allows you to access and download all reports.

Audience manager: As audience manager you can add / remove students, create segmented groups of users, and any other audience related action.

For your learners, access to courses and connect content will be defined by the audience segmentation you set.

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Writen by Carina Leal
15-Oct-2018 15:39:00

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