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Why training certificates are great for business

2 min read Carina Leal, Product Manager at bugle

Offering certification is a way of setting your company apart as an industry leader, and it can also guarantee that your customers, partners and employees retained your training message and have an official (and beautiful!) Certificate to show for it.

With bugle, offer personalised certificates to your students that successfully complete your academy’s courses. Bugle’s evaluation and feedback features, such as quizzes, challenges and surveys, allow you to determine whether your learners have retained the message you want to convey and deserve to be certified.

Each of your training audiences can benefit from receiving your certificates. For you, these benefits mean increased results, as they are usually bound to your KPIs. Here’s how:

Benefits of offering training certification to your partners: if your partners truly understand the best practices and processes to apply, they will be more confident doing their job, and motivated and engaged with your brand. For you, this means more efficiency, reduced operational costs and increase in partner commitment to your company.


Benefits of offering training certification to your customers: increase your customers’ commitment and product usage, while keeping them engaged. If your customers are well versed on your product, they need less help from your Customer Success team, freeing them to focus on tasks that actually require their attention. This means more customer engagement and satisfaction, and less churn.

Benefits of offering training certification your Sales team: training your employees has several advantages such as motivation, engagement and increased level of standards. When it comes to your Sales team, this is especially crucial as it has a huge impact on their performance and in the company’s results. Certifying your sales team on your product, sales skills and techniques will offer them the confidence and knowledge to shine, and it is a great way of recognizing their efforts and dedication.


Benefits of offering training certification to attract qualified leads: offering certification to your leads will allow you to identify and collect better qualified leads. Watching your training courses and getting certified is a great show of interest. Also, if your prospect knows and likes your product, they will be more likely to become a happy customer as they will have the right expectations regarding your product, and know you have an academy where they can easily find information and help 24/7.


Benefits of offering training certification as a brand: by making certifications available you can become the go-to brand for training and knowledge about your industry, your product, its underlying technology, related skills training and other industry related content. Also, your learners can share their branded certificates in their professional and personal networks, making it an additional way of increasing brand awareness.

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