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Why move your Sales Playbook to an Online Academy

3 min read Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge, Business Development Manager

Do you feel like your sales reps are spending more time on administrative tasks than actually selling? Are your sales leaders struggling to help their teams meet their goals? The best way to reduce inefficiencies, accelerate growth and reduce churn is to follow processes that are agile, adaptable and crystal clear.

 This article is dedicated to the most important document within your sales organisation: the sales playbook. A sales playbook is a collection of materials that aims to describe your company’s sales process and methodology, outline your sales objectives and provide an overall framework for closing deals. A robust sales playbook should include buyer personas; call scripts and agendas; e-mail templates; sales presentations; sample questions tailored to each stage of the process (discovery, qualification, demo and negotiation stage); proposal guidelines; a list of common objections; stakeholders maps and useful competitive information.


Although it might seem counter-intuitive to spend so much time thoroughly outlining the sales process and documenting hypothetical scenarios, a bulletproof sales playbook is the best tool you can arm your sales reps with.


The benefits of a sales playbook go beyond a quicker ramp-up time for new starters. The most obvious benefit is that having a sales playbook will free up time for selling. When your sales reps don’t have to create customised e-mails every time, they become more efficient and can reach out to more prospects. Moreover, a playbook will help you disseminate the most effective techniques and the most successful content. When you notice that something works particularly well, you can make it the norm by adding to the playbook.


Now if this were the year 2000, you might gather all this information in a large folder or print many abridged copies to share among your sales reps. But there are more than a few reasons to ensure your playbook is in a digital format:


Deliver the right message at the right time

You need to make sure your playbook and learning content is made available to your sales reps when they need it the most: on the go. This valuable content should only a be few clicks away, and permanently accessible via smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Consistency and alignment

You are probably well aware of how important it is to maintain your content up-to-date and removing all legacy messages to ensure everyone follows the same playbook. If you publish one digital version, there are no mistakes as to which version everyone should follow.



An online library is easy to change and to add content to. There are no bureaucratic barriers and all your content can simply be managed by clicking, dragging and dropping.


Skills training — not just the usual sales training

If you store your sales playbook in a digital hub, you can use multiple formats to deliver your message and choose to create modules that target specific areas for development. In addition to the typical sales training — which often lacks customisation and tends to focus too much on product features — you can help your employees develop their empathy, show them how to handle objections or different prospecting methods, as an example.


So, successful playbook. First, number one, I'm a strong believer in digital playbooks. We've seen playbooks that are PDF files are in digital form, but they're not interactive. I would say success matrix for playbooks, they should be web based, they should be on demand, they should be interactive. They should have video. I think it's vitally important. And they should be evergreen, meaning that you keep updated in that mode consistently because a playbook is always changing for the reps. So, that's key. And if you have a digital playbook and structure through a good system, it's easy to update in scale.
- Walter Pollard, President and Founder of Brand Fuzion; Founding Member of the Sales Enablement Society, via Hubspot Academy’s course “Sales Manager Training: Strategies for Developing a Successful Modern Sales Team”, 


So how can you use bugle for your sales playbook?

We can help you deliver the right message: your goals will be our goal. Video is an excellent format because it can be customised to fit your team’s exact needs. Using short videos, you can simplify complex processes and help clarify different processes or any underlying tech that is associated with your product. In addition, you can add all sorts of resources that strengthen the main message: extra reading material and communication templates, to name a few. Bugle’s connect tool is a great way to communicate changes, celebrate achievements and even deliver news. Our modular approach allows you to add separate skills training to your playbook and ensure that your product training never goes stale.

Move your Sales Playbook to an online Sales Academy! Let’s talk.

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