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Why include online training in your planning for next fiscal year

4 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

The time to make plans for next fiscal year(s) is a busy time for companies: in addition to the wrap-up reporting that takes place, you also need to create or adjust your overall strategy. This makes it the perfect time to build a case to add training as part of your strategy – especially for marketing, sales and customer success. 
An online video academy is an effective strategic bet that can be used throughout the entire customer journey. From using education to attract and convert leads, to onboarding and training customers that become ambassadors. The benefits of this type of solution can extend to all the different company stakeholders — customers, partners and employees.


Why include online video training in your plan?

Marketing: using educational content to attract and convert (good) leads

There are many reasons to include a video academy in your content marketing strategy, but it all comes down to the quality of the leads you can attract.

If you are making relevant training available to your buyer personas, an academy will attract exactly the type of lead you are looking for. Think about it: if a lead is going through a course on your product or on skills you need to use your product it shows a high level of interest.

When you use a gated academy, and your leads need to convert to access this knowledge, there is one more level of confirmation that this a great lead.

Before moving on to the next step of the journey, having a video academy is fantastic way to position your brand as the go-to brand for training and knowledge in your industry, helping improve brand awareness and demand generation.


Making the Sales process easier

When leads are ready to approach or be approached by the sales team, they will have a deeper knowledge of your product, will be able to understand its benefits and how your product can help them and if it is a good fit for them.  

This means the sales conversation will be much lighter and it will be easier for the sales team to close the deal.


Educating Customers for Success

The journey doesn’t end when you get the customer. In order to grow, retain your customers and keep them happy, there are a few things you cannot overlook, even in a low-touch customer success situation. 

These important things can all be addressed with Customer Training – starting with the onboarding. Let’s go through them one by one:

1. Product knowledge

This one may seem kind of obvious for good reason. If your customers don’t know how to use your product, they won’t use it. Simple, right? Good product training can help you with this, especially if you make it available in your online academy. This way, you can have onboarding product training, and keep product training available to your customers at any time they need.


2. Skills to use the product successfully

How can you help your customers be successful at using your product? By offering skills training that will help them be more successful using your product. Imagine your product is a marketing automation platform. By offering training on topics such as email deliverability, audience segmentation, subject line creation and so on, you are helping your customers have more success using your marketing automation platform. And those better results mean more usage and less churn.


3. Adding (true) value

There are 2 ways to approach this. The first one is to help your customers get to first value. For us, first value is our customers publishing their first course using their bugle platform and making it available to their audience so they can start collecting its benefits. So, each product would have a different first value depending on its purpose.

The second way is the continuous adding of true value. This can happen by adding new training that will help your customers be better at their jobs – truly relevant training such as skills or competences that will have an impact in the way they use your product more successfully.


4. Creating a sense a belonging with your brand

If your customers have an emotional connection to your brand and your product, this will make it harder for them to leave. Customer Success teams have a huge impact in this, as a personal relationship can help create this bond. But there are ways you can help your team achieve this.

You can use your academy to deepen your ties by sharing company culture, mission, values, how you operate. Even a simple welcome video by your CEO can go a long way to create a sense of belonging.


5. Continuous engagement

Although onboarding is a crucial time for the entire lifetime of the customer, you need to continue the communication and engagement with your customers. Do you know that saying “Out of sight, out of mind”?

Make sure you have a plan to continuously engage with your customers. That means it’s important to have a plan in place on how to do this as part of the process. For example, have a checklist of what needs to be done when a new feature is launched, when a new course is available, when you have updated a piece of content, and so on. This checklist can include sending emails, posting on social media, updating the user guide or product training video, publishing a blog article…

Here are 5 tips to increase customer engagement.


Amazing, isn’t it? With the help of an Academy you can impact the entire customer journey, grow your business, keep your customer happy and make the whole process much more efficient. It all comes down to 2 things: creating good and relevant content in the best format available and choosing the right training platform.

Below, you can find some additional content that will help you make the decision (and make the case) for an online video academy, but as quick end note: we know this can seem overwhelming but you don’t have to do it alone. We can help you every step of the way.


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