Why customer training drives product adoption

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Product adoption and client engagement are key factors to the success of any business. That said, not all companies are already leveraging customer education’s benefits for customer success.

One of the main takeaways from Pulse 2018 — the world’s largest customer success conference that took place in San Francisco last year — was that “training drives adoption”. TSIA studies presented at Pulse were a definite proof that education influences product uptake, including a poll that found that, when provided with the right training opportunities:
- 68% of clients are able to use the product more
- 56% of clients are able to use more features
- 87% of clients manage to work more independently

We can therefore conclude that training has a direct impact on:

- Product usage rate: customers who know how to use the product will do so more often
- Feature adoption and newer functionalities’ usage: customers will be able to keep up with your new features release cycle
- Costumer independence and subsequent decrease in customer support needs
- Customer results and happiness: if you help your clients get a higher value from using your product, you are improving their results as much as their satisfaction


HubsSpot — the marketing automation and CRM software company — is a good example of an organisation that can effectively galvanise the power of user education to drive product uptake. In addition to multiple training courses about their platform, HubSpot Academy offers a wide range of educational content that will help their customers (and potential customers) improve multiple skills, such as: writing effective business emails, how to create engaging content, how to leverage social media… If HubSpot’s clients develop these skills, they will be able to get better results while using their platform. Their customer education strategy is not only anchored on product knowledge: they take a holistic approach to customer development and integrate their product into a broader, more robust learning roadmap — which is obviously more enticing.


So, by training your customers, you will increase product uptake. But that’s not all! There are other (great) consequences to providing the right training opportunities.

On one hand, you can speed up the onboarding process. In fact, onboarding is a premium time to provide training and resources that your users need to make the most of the product or service you offer.

On the other hand, by fostering a strong product knowledge and high levels of customer independence, effective customer education will reduce the number of support queries you receive and free up your customer success team’s time. You will also reduce the amount of 1:1 time spend with customers proactively teaching them how to use the product. If you opt for an online video training platform, you’ll be giving your clients the freedom to choose when and where to learn, following a flexible, attractive and self-paced learning model. What’s not to like?


Independent users who make the most of your product will lead to a higher satisfaction rate and NPS score, as well as a higher usage of the product itself, fostering customer loyalty. Furthermore, by educating your customers you are also creating changes for upselling and cross-selling: your customers have already given you their time and attention, it is just a matter of using it wisely.


All in all, neglecting customer education might cost businesses more than they think. We believe that investing in the right customer training strategy will bring you all the benefits we’ve highlighted above, ultimately contributing to higher profits and reinforcing your customers’ perception of your business as a high-quality service provider and thought leader in your field.


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Writen by Maria Fernandes
13-Jun-2019 10:29:00

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