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Stop churn: Why customer education is key to success

3 min read Francisca Cordeiro, Head of Customer Success

In the business world, retention is permanently a hot topic. We all know that it typically costs far less to retain a customer than it does to acquire a new one. This is one of the reasons the acquisition funnel needs to be optimised at every stage to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

Have you realised that giving people room to grow and the tools to do so can be an effective way to making them stay? Training and skills development is a great combination to reduce churn: your clients will feel they are a part of your brand, they will be at ease with change and product updates, and they will be instinctively and consistently drawn closer to you.

Also, training your customer success team can be an investment with a high return. If you focus on increasing your customer support team’s product knowledge and expertise, the most obvious benefit will be customer satisfaction. Highly-skilled employees deliver good quality answers, and your customer satisfaction metrics will go up and to the right. And, by having a customer education academy, you make your product information available to your clients in an easy-to-access, available 24/7 platform, so you’re promoting self-help, keeping your clients constantly engaged and reducing your support team’s incoming queries!

So, a client who knows how to find an answer means one less incoming query to your customer support team - that can focus on more critical tasks that actually need their attention - but  it also means your clients feel comfortable having a place where they can easily find answers at any time, from anywhere, and without having to wait for it.

Your clients are all potential advocates for your business and your product and it’s up to you to offer them the tools they need to become so.

By making educational content available externally, you are not only sharing success stories and actively promoting your product or service. You are educating your existing customers, effectively reducing their need to be led through any changes or updates, and also preventing their churn.

Although a training platform is very useful at the customer on-boarding stage, it is also crucial as an ongoing tool. Clients will be happy to keep coming back to a place they are already familiar with to find new and exciting content that allows them to be more self-sufficient. Because the information is added by you, you have full control over its quality and accuracy. You can add and remove information as you see fit, and also create customised learning road-maps for different client segments.

Offering product certifications allows you to grow your influencer network, your product’s external recognition and perceived worth. Obviously, it also hits the mark on brand promotion.

We’ve seen in a previous article that developing a content-rich repository and intuitive user experience can help you inform consumers, but this is only your first step. Making sure clients and partners come back also depends on the richness of the content you provide and on the freshness of that same content. If you’ve followed the right strategy in analysing what your customers, partners and employees want, it will be easier to develop and share content that they are eager to consume.
Do you know which product feature people struggle with the most? Why not create a targeted training to address it, and publicise it across all your communication channels? Also, this type of information can help your development team make choices regarding product development.

As you release training content, you should make sure that you are measuring and analysing customer behaviour: who is spending time on what; do all learners finish the path they embarked on? Search boxes will give you invaluable insights: the most searched topic is usually the biggest pain point and the one you should make sure you are tackling hands on.

Finally, make sure you are ready to learn as much as you’re prepared to teach: wide audiences are always diverse and having a flexible attitude is key to making sure your training solution hits the mark on its main objectives: educate your customers to help them help you. Reciprocal growth is a win-win situation none of you will want to shy away from.


If you are not sure if you need a video training platform for your customer education academy, here is a checklist that will help you find out.

Digital Training Tool for Customer Education

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