Why bugle is a (proud) partner of the TalentoxHoreca initiative

2 min read João Ferro Rodrigues, Founder & CEO at bugle

It is with great pride and happiness that I write these words to announce that bugle is a partner of TalentoxHoreca, an outstanding social responsibility initiative developed by Nestlé Professional and Randstad.

In Spain and Portugal, the HORECA sector - comprising accommodation, restaurants, catering, and similar hospitality and food serving sectors – was severely impacted by the current pandemic and the required public health measures that were taken since its outbreak in the winter of 2020.

In one of the most difficult moments ever in the life of the HORECA industry in Iberia, Nestlé Professional and Randstad planned and launched an ambitious initiative to enhance employment opportunities and professional training to all food service professionals. This initiative is called “TalentoxHoreca” and is now available.

Through this initiative, Nestlé Professional and Randstad will match HORECA professionals that are currently job seeking with those companies who need to hire professionals as the pandemic-related restrictions are gradually eased. For food service industry professionals, this platform will also offer online training. For HORECA companies, this initiative will allow them to register their vacancies and receive the most appropriate profiles for each function, considering each candidate’s location, professional experience, and skills.

Bugle is a proud partner of the TalentoxHoreca initiative both out of gratitude and of shared purpose.

Gratitude to Nestlé Professional, because a few years ago we were selected as one promising startup in their internal entrepreneurship program. And that opened the door to the Barista Academy project, an ambitious digital training initiative of Nestlé Professional for HORECA clients in Portugal, Spain and in the MENA region, powered by bugle. Gratitude to Randstad Portugal, as it was also one of bugle’s first large corporate clients – having the guts to bet on our team and technology when we were still an infant company. And working together since then to fulfill the online training needs of their Outsourcing business unit.

Shared purpose was the second and most important reason explaining why we could never turn our backs to this initiative! Bugle’s purpose is to enable any professional to be better at work, and we seek its fulfillment trough great online training technology and content. Both Nestlé Professional and Randstad purposes include a genuine concern about their business partners and the livelihoods of their professionals. This shared purpose is the glue that made possible a very large consumer goods multinational, a big HR global firm and a growing SaaS business to work together as one team for the past several months. Mostly in remote mode, we made this initiative possible. And most of us still haven’t even met in person!

A final word for all HORECA professionals and business owners that have suffered too much during the pandemic crisis. We stand by you. You are part of our community, of our neighborhoods, of our villages and cities. Your comeback will be our comeback. We hope TalentoxHoreca can help you emerge even stronger, even more capable, and even more successful.

Visit Talento+Horeca websites to learn more about this initiative and access the TalentoxHoreca Academy: TalentoxHoreca Portugal, TalentoxHoreca Spain.


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