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Why a video academy should be part of your content marketing strategy

4 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

Over the last few years, the use of video in content marketing has been consistently on the rise. A video academy is an excellent way to harness the power of relevant content through video while collecting valuable data: three of the best tactics rolled into one enticing learning platform.

Let’s dive into the reasons behind this growth in order to understand the importance of a video academy in content marketing efforts.


Content is king

Great content can help you build trust with your prospects and customers, improving your brand’s awareness and reputation. If the content you share is educational and useful, your brand will automatically be seen as such.

Sharing your knowledge and expertise with others will set you apart from the competition, helping you be seen in the market as a thought leader and an expert in your field.

Your brand’s academy content and courses can be a powerful lead magnet if you plan your contents right. Think of your buyer personas and what is relevant to them, much like you would do with any other content, such as eBooks, whitepapers or infographics.

If you can help your leads and clients be better at their jobs, you are set for success. And customer education is key to achieve this. After all, what do we all want to accomplish when searching and consuming content and training?

Also, creating new courses and updates will constantly give you new reasons to communicate. Moreover, you can use your content in different lead nurturing campaigns, aligning new courses and information to your prospects’ buyer journey stages.

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Everybody loves video

We already know that video is an extremely engaging format, offering the best retention results. People prefer video because it is so easy to consume and digest. That’s why you should opt for a Video Academy.

According to Wyzowl’s “The State of video Marketing report 2019”:

84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website.

81% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads.

72% of people would rather watch a video than read about a product.

Video also builds trust: having someone talk to you directly is more powerful than flicking through slides or written pages.

Video is versatile. As there are so many types of videos (presenter, animation, screencast, roleplay), you can choose the format that best fits your training subject (concepts, software, processes, skills…). For example, animations can help bring concepts to life in a way that no text book ever will, but screencasts are more suited to show people how to use an online tool. This also means you can be more effective in conveying information, sharing more knowledge in less time.

Video is great for search engine optimisation and can help you get a higher rank in SERPS. On one hand, video boosts engagement and the amount of time visitors spend on your website, which is a key factor for search engines. On the other hand, the presence of video affects the most important SEO factor: content. You just need to make some minor adjustments to your usual SEO techniques, but the basic principles apply. You can choose specific snippets from your training videos to use as teasers to communicate in your digital channels and get more people to sign up to your Academy.


Convert and qualify leads with your Academy

Having a video academy will allow you to reap different benefits, because it will help you convert and qualify your leads, giving you precious information about their needs and interests.

To generate high quality leads from your Academy, make it gated. This means the visitors will need to fill in a form or login to access your top of the line training. This allows you to collect data for your marketing automation platform and / or CRM and, with more leads and more information about them both you, as marketeers, and your sales colleagues can use that data to offer a more personalized experience. By being gated, you are also adding a qualifying step to the process, as only leads with real interest and need for your specialized content will convert.

You can use a regular landing pages to convert your leads that sign up for your academy, or that want to enrol in a specific course. Standard landing page SEO techniques apply here too, but don’t forget to add a relevant teaser video to your landing page to increase conversion (maybe the introduction chapter or other really enticing part of the course).

Additional tip: whenever possible, integrate your brand academy with your marketing automation platform (and your CRM). This will have 3 main benefits:
- you will know the path each lead has followed in your academy
-you can use that information to qualify your leads and as trigger to relevant marketing activities
- and you will have integrated reporting


But how do you choose the right training platform for your brand academy?

Here is an article with 12 tips to choose the right training platform. However, there are 7 key things you need to consider even more carefully when choosing a training platform for marketing purposes:

Must be easy to use. Don’t shoot your self in the foot by making technology a barrier. You will need to quickly update, add and change your content, and your leads should have a smooth experience, making it about the content and what they get form it – not the platform.

Must have great reporting. You know you need data to analyse success, learn what you need to adjust on invest more time on, to learn about your leads and what interests them, to use their actions as triggers, and so on.

Must integrate with your platforms. Having all (or most of) the info in one place will make it that much easier for you.

Must have interactivity features. To keep your audience engaged, and to be able to gather more information.

Must have custom certificates. Certifications are key to take advantage of the network effect students can create by sharing their successes on social media.

Must be customizable to your brand. It’s your academy and it should visually show that.

Must allow for segmentation. Make the right contents available to the right people. By buyer persona, by stage in customer journey, by lifecycle stage, by product… or any other criteria that makes sense to your business.

Finally, remember that your platform must work smoothly across devices and that mobile will very likely be the main point of access.


In short, a video academy is one of the best ways to incorporate content marketing in your overall strategy, become a thought leader and help shape the future of your area of business, bringing your customers along.

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