Why creating a certification program is important for your business KPIs

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We’re inviting you to take a step back and reflect upon the concept of certification for five minutes. When someone is certified, they can give evidence — usually via an official document or stamp of approval — that they have attained a certain status or level of achievement. A certification is both a guarantee and an endorsement.

Offering certification is a way of setting your company apart, establishing itself as an industry leader and a subject matter expert: you’ll be positioning yourself as a trust-worthy entity that can enable others while spreading knowledge and expertise.

A certification is a guarantee that your customers, partners and employees have managed to retain your training message: you will only certify those with a proven track record and who have shown they know the ropes. From that moment on, they will have an officially branded certificate to prove it. If you choose to use an online video training system, you can use the different evaluation and feedback features (quizzes, challenges and surveys) to assess if the audience deserves to be certified. In case they are not ready yet, you can create additional content, improve the level of detail or offer additional skills training they may need to understand it.

Apart from ensuring that only the right people can proudly wear their “certified by your company” badge, there are additional benefits to delivering your training content via an online video platform:

Your partners will be fully aware of your product or service: they will be familiar with your best practices and know what processes to follow. This will keep them confident that they are doing a good job, while also increasing their autonomy and keeping them motivated and engaged with your brand. On your side, this means higher efficiency, reduced operational costs and in increase in partner commitment.

The same rings true for your customers. If you successfully train your customer base, you will be increasing their commitment and product usage, while keeping them engaged. This will in turn make them less likely to need help from your customer support team, who is now free to focus on less repetitive tasks that actually require their attention. This means more customer engagement and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

If we think about the benefits that a robust sales training programme will have on your sales teams, motivation is the first that comes to mind. We’ve previously seen how a learning roadmap can act as a catalyst for employee retention and recruitment. The truth is that, if used effectively, training can become a powerful engagement tool, increase your level of standards and promote a better quality of service overall. Sales teams are particularly crucial because of the direct impact their performance can have on the company results. Training will give them confidence, skills and knowledge, while also recognizing their efforts and dedication. The more they know, the more they deliver — while their thirst for knowledge increases too.

As for marketing teams, the obvious benefit is in attracting quality leads: they will be able to identify and convert more (and higher quality) prospects. In fact, going through your training programme and obtaining a certification is an excellent sign of interest: if your prospects already know your product and like it, the right expectations have already been set.

Overall, offering a training programme that includes a certification will allow you to become the go-to brand for insights and knowledge in your area. For each learner that shares their branded certificate (and you should make sure to incentivise them to do so!), you are increasing your brand awareness and strengthening your reputation as a reputable source.

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Writen by Maria Fernandes
27-Sep-2018 12:19:00

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