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I’m proud to announce the launch of the bugle Academy. A new online academy with free courses on the topic of online corporate training, and aimed at professionals working in sales, customer success, marketing, operations, partner management, and human resources.

The main goal of the bugle Academy is to help professionals be better at their work. We believe that the success of an online training academy depends on several factors: the right technology, the right learners’ journey, the right learning content and the right engagement incentives. At bugle, we set out an ambitious goal for ourselves: to cover all these areas through great online training, full of practical tips and actionable insights.

This new online academy is hosted in our own bugle digital training platform and leverages the content creation expertise of our Digital Learning Solutions team. We are very proud to use our own technology and instructional design know-how in the bugle Academy. This initiative is fully aligned with our corporate purpose – to help all professionals be better at their work - so this is a very happy day for our team!

To take the courses, all you need to do is sign-up for the bugle Academy the first time you enter. If you are a bugle customer, or already have access to your company’s bugle training platform, you can use the same sign in details.

At launch, there are already two courses available: a certification course on “Managing an Online Sales Training Academy” and a “bugle 101 – getting started” course. In our pipeline we have courses such as “How to create a video training course”, “Creating an effective Customer Onboarding programme”, and “Launching and maintaining engagement with your Academy”. So, stay tuned!

Now, you’re invited to visit the bugle Academy, take the courses and share them with your colleagues, family and friends.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the bugle Academy and to get your feedback and suggestions!

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Writen by João Ferro Rodrigues
12-Mar-2020 08:15:00

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