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4 websites with free assets for your videos: the bugle selection

3 min read Jaime Pinho, Multimedia Designer & Video Editor

Content creators are always on the lookout for great ready-to-use assets that can be implemented into a video creation workflow because it saves time and energy for other editing and design tasks. With that in mind, we want to help you in this endeavor, so we compiled the following list of websites from which you can download free assets such as icons, sound tracks, images and other resources for your upcoming projects.

Here’s our selection of websites where you can download assets for your videos, for free


Lordicon is an online library of over 300 free animated icons that can be easily integrated into a video editing process and visually help leverage your message.

This website features an intuitive interface, granting a quick navigation through the array of categorized assets. After your favorite icon is selected, a very simple editor can be used to preview the animation.

Another highlight is the possibility of downloading the icons in a couple of different formats. The AE project files especially are a valuable and pertinent quality for video editing whilst SVG or EPS files can be opened and edited individually.

Bonus! The free version also offers the platform’s PRO icons in their static form, this means you can use them for other purposes as well. There is also a paid monthly subscription which unlocks the full animated library, counting more than 1600 icons and growing.

- Easy to use platform
- Diverse icons arranged into categories
- Multiple integrations

Best/suited for:
- Animated/static infographics
- PDF resources



Are you searching for a specific sound effect or song to compose the sound narrative of your video? Do you also need a stock video or a template to visually illustrate a certain message you want to convey to the viewers? Mixkit allows you to find what you deem necessary, through category or project file search.

In even more exciting news: Mixkit allows you to download the assets for free and requires no sign-in account.

- Easy to use platform
- Easy download process
- Different project formats for specific editing software’s

Best/suited for:
- Presenter videos



Everybody loves a well-drawn character in their video or presentation projects, especially because it helps to illustrate scenes or contexts sometimes needed to convey a complex message. Drawkit offers vectorized characters, objects, and icons in a simple and clean website, allowing you to browse bundled assets and quickly find the one that best suits your project.

You'll notice that not all bundles are free, but the few that are, can be downloaded and edited in Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, or other programs that you might use for this effect. As an alternative, you can purchase a wonderful array of vector assets and support the page, as well as request a specific set of illustrations.

- Vectorrized characters, objects and icons
- Easy to use platform
- The free bundles offer a lot of value

- The download process is not the best. It requires you to write your email and transfer the files through the link received.

Best/suited for:
- Presenter videos
- PDF resources



Another platform with vector illustrations. However, UnDraw has an open-source license, and you can download individual set pieces with similar designs, for example, the same character in different positions or environments. This means that for the creation of online video courses, you can combine a set of characters and objects for a multitude of situations.

In this way, from videos to documents, vectors can be worked and implemented in coordinated fashion, ensuring a cohesive visual experience for your audience.

- Easy to use
- Big and categorized library

Best/suited for:
- Presenter videos
- PDF resources


You may need all of these or just one, so before editing your videos, prepare and plan. Understand what you need to convey your message in the best possible way, and search for the assets to be implemented beforehand.

However, don’t strive if an asset doesn’t work in the video the way you planned. Remember, you can edit them or download new ones and experiment. Even on tight deadlines, creators can always find ways to resolve problems.

Feel free to get in touch with our Digital Learning Experiences team for professional consulting. We’re happy to help you plan your first course.

If you would like to learn more - and get a certificate - on online video creation, check out our free certification course “Creating an effective online course” at the bugle Academy.

Creating an effective online course

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