Training Trends 2022

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Every year, we create the training trends guide to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the corporate training world and so you can prepare your plans to stay in the forefront of what your customers, partners and employees are expecting from your training activities.

As in any other industry, the human context and technology advances set the tone for what’s happening in the training industry. Coming from a pandemic that drove most people to remote work, it’s easy to understand why trends related to distance learning, human connection, user experience, adaptability, and motivation are taking a front seat.

Now, many companies are adopting a more remote or hybrid home + office model that brings new routines to the table. Leaders had a first-hand view that many of the changes that were slow burning due to fear of not working or difficulty in implementing change, actually work and their benefits can be leveraged well beyond the pandemic.

Many of these changes have a huge potential for long-term impact in corporate learning and knowledge sharing activities, whether it is improving the student experience, increasing efficiency, betting in new training content topics, or making sure training activities are bound to business results and ROI.

There is one thing, however, that is timeless in what concerns any training activity. Whether you are training customers, partners, employees, or any other stakeholders, what makes great training comes down to one thing: helping your learners be better at what they do. Doesn’t matter if what they need to do is learn how to prioritize leads, understand safety procedures, or get to first value quickly.

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Training Trends 2022


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Writen by Joana Fonseca
14-Oct-2021 09:15:00

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