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If you follow us on social media, you know all about the #bugleTeamTips. Every Friday, we have a different suggestion from the bugle team. Great travel ideas, funny board games, handy apps, posh articles, tons of books… With so many super creative tips in hand, we decided to dive into this pool of great options and help you out with Christmas gifts ideas for some of the special people in your life.  Ready? Let’s go!

It’s all fun & games after all
There’s always a friend or relative that is the life of the party and has the best ideas of what to do next.
This is not for that friend. With this gift, make the day of the person who never has a suggestion and guarantee fun for everyone in their next party.
Board game: On a scale of one to T-Rex
#bugleTeamTip by: Ivo, our Head of Design, who always has something funny to say.

For the friend that always knows all the bands, and all the songs, and all the musicians…
You know “The WHO” we’re talking about 😉
Album: Beyond Skin, by Nitin Sawhney (don’t worry, I didn’t know it either…)
#bugleTeamTip by: Ana Luísa, our Head of Digital Learning Solutions, who always knows when the next concert is.

For the naughty, naughty friend
If you’re looking for a fun and risqué party game for that politically incorrect friend – this is it. “Why?”, you ask? Here’s a little preview: imagine your friend plays a card with the sentence “What are my parents hiding from me?”, and you need to answer using one of the cards in your hand. Here are your cards: “Peanut butter & jelly time”, “Italians”, “Grandma”, “An argument with Richard Dawkins”. Which one will you choose? Please note that these examples are quite soft considering the game may be risqué, but in our blog, we can’t 😊
Game: Cards Against Humanity
#bugleTeamTip by: Rodrigo, bugle’s go-to person for business development and partnerships, and our resident musician. We promise he won’t take this game to the meeting.

Biking around the Christmas tree…
More and more we see people using their bikes as their preferred means of transportation. If there’s a bike-obsessed loved one in your life, this helmet is a super cool gift that will even look like you care about their obsession with biking. 😊
Helmet: Closca
#bugleTeamTip by: Flavio, our own fitness and health guru that, yes, loves biking.


For photography lovers
This is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who actually knows that “Aperture” is not a disease of the bowels, “Shutter” is not necessarily a décor object, and “Bokeh” is not a typical dish from Bangladesh. Yes, I didn’t know it either, but our photography expert guaranteed these can be found in a Photography glossary.
Gift: Camera Fujifilm X-T30
#bugleTeamTip by: Ivo, the photography expert


Books are always a great choice for gifts. At the very least because it makes you look smart. Books are quite a regular presence at the #bugleTeamTips so, here’s a selection of the ones with more engagement throughout the year. I always offer a lot of books for Christmas, as I love to read as well. (See what I did there? Now I seem smarter 😊)

Any couch potatoes in your gift list?
For that person who watches TV all day and believes walking is for athletes, this book may actually change their lives, and get you an invitation to go shoe-shopping… for sneakers.
Book: “Walking – One step at a time”, by Erling Kagge.
#bugleTeamTip by: our Founder & CEO, João. Yes, he likes to walk 😊 and read... check bellow.

Love triangle & Artificial Intelligence
An alternative world in London’s 1980s, with a love story that brings up a dilemma about what makes a human human. This a great option for that book-worm friend that is also the president of the Book Club. Anyway, it’s a suggestion from the CEO so, it must be good. 😉
Book: Machines like me, by Ian McEvan
#bugleteamtip by: João, our CEO that reads, on average, about 50 books a year (probably more, though)

The perfect book for the deep conversationalist
Oh, yes. You know which friend it is: the philosopher slash sociologist slash historian slash archaeologist slash is-this-guy-going-to-shut-up-any-time-soon friend. So, why not a book about the History of Mankind. Here’s a tip to find out if your friend read “Sapiens”: start the next conversation with “Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, but Sapiens might”.
Book: Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari
#bugleTeamTips by: Joana (me), the Head of Marketing trying to beat the CEO’s record on number of books read per year. 😉


The perfect book for the programmer / IT / “my screen is frozen I need help” person in your life
For anyone that is not a tech person, this book seems to be about some sort of extreme sport for nerds, right? Well, apparently, it’s actually a really great book to thank the IT person in your life for all the support. You know, just in case you need help with the next system update. 😉
Book: “Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change”, by Kent Beck and Cynthia Andres
#bugleTeamTip by: you guessed it! Our tech-guru CTO, Leandro.


Either this or chocolate
Do you offer chocolates because you simply don’t know what else to offer? Well, give the calories a break and check out this book suggestion about a girl that was 17 years old the first time she went to school. From the teenager niece to Grandpa, you can’t go wrong with this one.
Book: Educated, by Tara Westover
#bugleTeamTip by: Ana, our go-to tech girl. Guess which book we’re going to give her? 😊

And that’s it! These are the #bugleTeamTips that had the best feedback and that make great Christmas presents. Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter for both the #bugleTeamTips on Friday, but especially for all the great content and resources we share every day of the week. Signing up for the bugle blog is also a great idea!

These suggestions are not advertising in any way, and we were not approached by anyone to make these suggestions.

Before you go… we wish you a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year with lots of reasons to smile. Cheers!

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