Top 10 bugle blog articles of 2021

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Every year we share with you the ten best performing articles of the bugle blog during that year. And this year, we’re doing it again because – you guessed it! It usually ends up being one of the top read articles as well. So, besides being a nice read for the last week of the year, it also offers you a sneak peek of the content and topics that our readers, and your peers, valued the most this year.

What are the 10 best performing bugle blog articles of 2021?

1. Why bugle is a (proud) partner of the TalentoxHoreca initiative

Why Bugle Is A Proud Partner Of The TalentxHoreca Initiative

Well, it’s not hard to understand why this article is in first place, as this topic had an immense media coverage. It’s about our partnership with two of our clients, Nestle and Randstad, that launched the TalentoxHoreca initiative to help both businesses and professionals in the Horeca sector recover from the hardships that the Covid-19 pandemic brought to that industry.
Click here to read the article.

2. You can now record Loom videos in the bugle training platform

Loom and bugle

Creating video for training is, many times, considered difficult and expensive. If you consider a huge production, with studio and professional presenters it actually is. However, by keeping it simple and recording through your computer camera you can have great videos, quickly and at zero cost. By partnering with Loom to offer our customers the ability to quickly record a loom video that becomes an instant course chapter, that’s exactly what we were going for. Making it (even) easier to create and publish your courses in the bugle platform.
You can read the article and watch the video of how it works here.


3. Why include online training in your 2022 planning

This topic has had a huge performance right from when it was published in late September and continues to do so to this day. In this article, you can read how online training can impact the entire customer journey, foster key relationships with partners, keep your customers happy, make processes much more efficient and drive growth.
Learn more about why online training should be in your 2022’s planning here.


4. How to create a professional eLearning Academy on a budget

When you think of eLearning, you may associate it with costly and time-consuming productions. But what if you don’t need high-level productions to start building an engaging and successful eLearning Academy? That’s what our Customer Success Manager, João Magalhães, writes about in this article. Check out the useful and practical tips on how you can go about creating and sharing great online training if you are working with a very low budget.
Read this article here.


5. Using documents as course chapters

using documents as course chapters

Using documents as course chapter content isn’t as straightforward as you may think. In this article, our Head of Design, Ivo Oliveira, breaks down the best practices of using reading content in your online courses.
You can read this article here.


6. Free editing tools: the bugle selection

free editing tools

Every year, tons of new and exciting editing tools enter the market. And each year we select a few of these tools to ease your way through creating fun and engaging training content even if you’re not a multimedia expert.
Check out 2021’s editing tools selection by our Designer and multimedia expert, Inês Lemos, here.


7. 7 Training platform integrations to boost your business


A great digital training platform will allow you to easily create, manage and report on your customer, partner and team training. But it will also allow to integrate with other software to increase efficiency, productivity, agility, data management, reporting, or simply to offer a smoother experience to your audience.
Here are the top integrations you should consider to give your business a boost.

8. Digital Academy Organization: how to make content easy to find

Digital Academy Organization

As in any tool, making it easy for your users to find what they need is key. In a digital academy, this means it should be easy for your students to find the training content they are looking for. In this article, you’ll find some tips on how to organize your training content to make sure your learners have a smooth experience and don't waste time that should be used for the actual training.
You can read this article here.


9. Why offer skills training to your clients (and which ones)

Why Offer Skills Training To Your Clients

Clients buy your product to serve a purpose, usually related to being successful at doing something.
This is not achieved just by knowing how to use your product. Your product is the tool that will help your customers do what they need to do, for sure. However, what will interfere with your customers' ability to be successful? What do they need to know how to do to get the best results?
Find out in this article.


10. Tips to quickly create & deliver a professional-looking online course

Tips To Quickly Deliver A Professional Looking Course

When time is of the essence, there are some things you can do to quickly go from having no course at all to having an amazing, professional looking course.
If you are responsible for creating and delivering training, in whichever capacity, you know that sometimes you need a new course ready for yesterday. For example, a new product, pricing model or offer is coming out next week and you need to train your sales team on it. Is this sense of urgency feeling somewhat familiar?
Here are some things you can do to quickly get your course ready, and still have a professional look.

Top 5 bugle resources in 2021

As you know we make lots of resources available to you in our resources page. So, it’s only fair to let you know the Top 5 resources of 2021 as well, which means, the five resources with more downloads this year.

Here they are:

1. The North Star Metric and bugle's online training use case

The North Star is a guiding light that helps navigation wherever you are on Earth to reach your destination. As this star lies directly above the Earth’s Northern Pole, it is a steady point of reference in the night.
In business, the North Star has exactly the same purpose: to be a guide to keep both leadership and team focused on the right direction to achieve success and growth.
You can download this guide here.

2. How to convert in-person training to online delivery - a practical guide

The world is constantly evolving and making us rely even more on technology and digital means. In the learning industry this means converting in-person training to online delivery.
In this guide, created by our Digital Learning Experiences team, you will find the three phases of the conversion process, and each phase's step-by-step activities.
You can download it here.

3. Training Trends 2022

Every year, we create the training trends guide to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the corporate training world and so you can prepare your plans to stay in the forefront of what your customers, partners and employees are expecting from your training activities.
Trends related to distance learning, human connection, user experience, adaptability, and motivation are taking a front seat in 2022 as many companies are adopting a more remote or hybrid home + office model that brings new routines to the table.
Check out the Training Trends 2022 here.

4. How to prove online training impact 

In an organization, proving value is always part of any important project, including online training programs. It does not matter if your program is focused on internal or external training (e.g., sales, partners, or client training). Good online training must always be reflected in better results!
Download this guide here.

5. Customer Onboarding Programme Analysis: Survey examples

Onboarding is a crucial stage of your company’s relationship with a customer. In fact, it is so important that it’s many times a factor in customer churn when not done right.
These survey examples will help you get all the information you need from the key stakeholders related to the onboarding process to understand what needs to be improved and what is already working well.
You can download them here.

Bugle Academy’s most watched courses

And if we’re sharing the bugle blog and resources top performing content, we cannot leave out the bugle Academy, where you can find our free courses on topics that will help you leverage online training to drive business results. And the prize for 2021’s two most watched bugle Academy courses goes to:

Mastering Customer Onboarding Training



In this course, you learn how to plan, create, deliver and measure the success of a great customer onboarding training programme.

Creating an effective online course

How to create an effective online course_teaser

In this course, our Digital Learning Solutions team, expert in training content creation, explains their process, step-by-step, so you can create your courses in an effective and efficient way.


Final note

This year’s rankings clearly show the current context of learning for organizations around the world. If you look closely, you’ll see a clear picture forming based on the most sought after topics: putting out courses quickly, moving in-person or legacy training to digital delivery, changing to new simpler training tools and integrating these tools with others to increase efficiency and reporting, as well as doing all of this with a tight budget are clear signs of the time we’re living in. And the need to do more, fast, with less.

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