Top 10 bugle blog articles of 2020

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At the end of every year, we share the ten bugle blog articles that performed the best. So, for 2020, here are is the top ten, from understanding how to identify knowledge gaps in your team to creating a communication plan for your academy. Find out the most sought-after topics in the bugle blog.

Top 10 bugle blog articles

1. How to identify knowledge gaps in your team

Skills and knowledge gaps are one of the biggest roadblocks to successfully attaining business goals. Skills gaps lead to low performance and to increased costs, while also impacting motivation, engagement and retention. It is in every companies’ best interest to bridge these gaps through different actions: learning and development as well as organisational. Continue reading this article.

2. How can low-touch feel like high-touch?

Different companies have different customer success approaches, and the decision between a low-touch or high-touch support model is usually dictated by strategic drivers as much as economic constraints. The two models are generally portrayed against one another, as often companies transition from high- to low-touch when scaling their business.

While we know for a fact that today’s customers have high expectations, we also know that 67% of customers prefer to use self-service options (Nuance Enterprise). Yet, even if you land closer to the low-touch strategy side, it is possible to have a high-touch impact on the client side. Read more.


3.  5 free software tools for video creation – the bugle selection

Whether you are trying to produce a teaser, an explainer video, a screencast or even recording a presenter you will, most likely, need to edit all the footage. But don’t be alarmed! You have plenty of options and almost every video creation or editor software works the same way: a timeline at the bottom, a clip bin, and a preview window.

Depending on your goals and desired output, you can choose the software that better suits your needs and level of expertise. We have gathered the ones we consider to be the best to create great video content without busting your budget. See the bugle selection.


4. So you think distance learning is new?

Distance learning has been around for a long time; and although it has been through significant changes in these past two decades, its main role continues the same: to make education and training available to a higher number of students, in a standardized way, no matter where they are. Read the article.


5. How to help your team make a smooth transition to a new software

We may know since Ancient Greece that the “only constant in life is change”, a quote attributed to Heraclitus. Even so, no one will argue that change is hard for most people. Human beings are creatures of habit: we tend to dislike change because it interferes with our sense of autonomy and it can make us feel we’re about to lose control.
That said, and more often than not, corporate software platforms may need to be changed. Continue reading.


6. Preventing Customer Churn: how to identify and fix red flags

we will look at the top five red flags that can lead to customer churn. For each of these red flags, we will share practical tips that customer success managers can use to mitigate them, as well as valuable insights on how to combat churn throughout the entire customer journey.

The fight against Customer Churn is one of the top focuses in any company, especially within the customer care teams. It’s easy to understand why: according to ChurnZero, acquiring new customers costs 6x more than to keep current ones. And, according to Bain and Company Service Insights, a mere 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. Read more.


7. How to encourage lifelong learning among your employees

When someone’s pursuit of knowledge is “ongoing, voluntary and self-motivated”, it can be called lifelong learning. Lifelong learning takes a holistic approach to education and development, actively encouraging people to learn throughout their entire lives while enhancing their human potential as a whole. Lifelong learning is different from continuing education of job-based skills development: it has a broader scope and more creative outlets, such as online tools and courses.

When you bring a lifelong learning mindset to the workplace, it will have a positive impact on employee retention (job satisfaction, motivation), as well as creativity, productivity, problem-solving skills (fostering innovation and competitiveness), diversity and inclusion. Read the article.


8. Is it time to invest in a digital sales academy?

Although Sales training is always important, there comes a time when putting an organized Sales Academy in place is crucial to your sales training programme’s effectiveness and efficacy. Also, there are some factors that influence this need.
How do you know it’s time to invest in a digital sales academy? Find out more.


9. 2 Ways to Make your Customer Onboarding Scalable

Onboarding is a crucial time in your relationship with your clients as it creates the ground in which you plant the seeds for a long and fruitful relationship - when done well. Doing it right is no easy feat, as it is usually very time consuming for your Customer Success team and when your company is growing this can lead to a few challenges, namely, scalability.

In this article, we focus on two ways to help you make your customer onboarding process scalable, allowing your customer success team to reach more new customers and focus on high value activities and have more time to handle queries that need human help. Read the article.


10. 8 steps to create your academy’s communication plan

Keeping your audience aware and engaged with your academy is crucial to the success of your training programme, and its business objectives. If you’re not in marketing or communications, creating a communication plan can seem like a daunting task. In this article, we share a simple 8-step process to create an effective communication plan.

Top resource and bugle Academy course

Throughout the year, we also share other resources and bugle Academy courses. You can find all of them in resources page and the bugle Academy. Below, you can find the most downloaded resource and the most watched free certification course at the bugle Academy.

Most downloaded resource: Video Formats for Training – Poster & Video

There are many video formats you can use to convey your message. When you are creating a video training course, it’s important to make sure you use the right format for the message you want to convey in the most effective way.

This poster and video, created by our Digital Learning Solutions team, will help you choose the right video format for your courses’ learning goals. For example, if you want to show how to use a software, the best format is the screencasting.

Click here to download the poster and watch the video where you will see some familiar faces from the bugle team.


Most watched bugle Academy course: Creating an Effective Online Course 

Learn how to create effective video training courses for your digital academy, following the best instructional design practices and a fine-tuned process.

In this course, bugle's Digital Learning Solutions team, expert in training content creation, will explain their process, step-by-step, so you can create your courses in an effective and efficient way.


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