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Every year we share with you the 10 bugle blog articles that performed the best. Tips to reduce churn, moving your sales playbook to a digital academy or setting up your own studio for under 1.550€. These are just 3 of the top 10 topics with more engagement in the bugle blog this year. Check out the top 10!

1. Stop churn: Why customer education is key to success
In the business world, retention is permanently a hot topic. We all know that it typically costs far less to retain a customer than it does to acquire a new one. This is one of the reasons the acquisition funnel needs to be optimised at every stage to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.
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2. How educational content helps your business grow
In this article, we elaborate on the different moments educational content can have an impact on, helping you grow your business across the entire customer journey. If you only remember one thing from this article, it should be that the main purpose of your educational content is two-pronged: help your customers find you and accompany them throughout the entire customer journey from visitors to ambassadors.
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3. 10 Tips to make training more engaging and effective
Did you know that there are proven ways to make your training more effective and engaging? And did you know that these techniques are all-encompassing when it comes to your audience, meaning that they are applicable to customers, partners and employees alike?
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4. Free tools for low-cost professional looking video production
Video production doesn’t have to be costly. This article will give you a few options of free or inexpensive video production tools that will help you achieve professional results by a fraction of the cost you are probably expecting.
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5. How to create the perfect user guide for SaaS
In this article, we share some useful tips about how to create the ideal user guide for your SaaS but, before we jump into the actual tips, we want to highlight that a user guide is both an internal and external tool. You can use it to train your clients and potential clients as well as your staff (new hires, promos, subs, employees who rotate across different roles).
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6. How to setup your studio with less than 1.500€
One of the most common misconceptions about video training is that it is too expensive to produce videos with professional quality. In this article, you can see an example of a set of equipment for under 1.500€, that you can easily assemble and disassemble as needed in a quiet room, to record high quality training videos.
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7. Why move your Sales Playbook to an Online Academy
Do you feel like your sales reps are spending more time on administrative tasks than actually selling? Are your sales leaders struggling to help their teams meet their goals? The best way to reduce inefficiencies, accelerate growth and reduce churn is to follow processes that are agile, adaptable and crystal clear. In this article see how a digital Sales Playbook will help your sales team perform better.
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8. How to make customers fall in love with your brand - A love story through the customer journey
There are different stages of connection, trust, and mutual knowledge in any relationship, whether it is romantic or in business. And depending on how you carry the relationship it can lead to getting down on one knee and get a yes, or… churn. So, how can you make your customers fall in love with your brand?
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9. Why customer training drives product adoption
Product adoption and client engagement are key factors to the success of any business. That said, not all companies are already leveraging customer education’s benefits for customer success.
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10. 7 ways to improve sales training in your company
Does your organisation already provide sales training? Excellent! Could you make it better? Probably… We have put together a list of tips that will help you evaluate and adjust your sales academy. Our goal? Help you improve the effectiveness of your sales training.
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24-Dec-2019 09:15:00

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