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The Sales Training Resources you need for a successful 2022

5 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

Great Sales Training is proven to have a strong impact in salespeople’s performance, motivation and confidence. It’s easy to understand why. But what makes Sales Training great? How can you offer your sales team the best chance at a high performance? In this article, you’ll find the resources you need to plan, create, develop, run and report on the perfect sales training academy.

One of the top use cases for bugle is Sales Training, both in terms of our training platform, and in our Digital Learning Experiences team creating courses for our customers’ sales academies. This means we have created lots of content to help our customers, partners and everyone in the bugle community to make the most of their training activities.

As we have so much content available on the topic, we decided to create this article to help you navigate the different stages and needs of a sales training programme that is efficient and effective, and that actually generates the results you want for your team, and your business.

You will find a mix of articles, guides and courses that will take you through this journey, and that will be helpful even if you already have a Sales Academy in place.

Resources to create and manage a Sales Academy

1. Managing an Online Sales Training Academy – Certification Course 

In this free certification course, you will learn how to create, launch and run a successful sales academy in your company. This means, all the different steps and considerations you need to account for when creating and running a Sales Academy are explained in this course, step by step and with plenty of additional resources and templates to help you in each step of the process.

Managing An Online Sales Academy course

2. How to make the case for a Sales Training Academy - article 

Before you go ahead and create your Sales Academy, you may need to convince management that your training vision is worth pursuing and implementing. In this article, you will see how to create a bullet-proof case.

As a complement for this step, you can use this Online sales training academy ROI calculator

Sales training academy ROI calculator



3. How to choose the right training platform for your sales academy - article

To make sure your training is readily available, organized and can be measured, you will need a training platform. But what do you need to consider when selecting the right sales training platform? In this article, you’ll find 10 key points to help you choose the right training platform.

4. 6 steps to set up Sales Training – guide

In this guide, you will find the 6 steps to set up sales training in your company and some additional PRO tips to make the process more efficient and your training more effective. From defining your training goals to reporting on your results, this step by step guide will help you throughout the entire journey.

6 Steps To SetUp Sales Training

As a complement to this guide, make sure you check this article with the 4 fundamental steps you can’t miss when planning your sales academy.


5. Defining your training content - articles

Onboarding, continuous training and sales skills training. These are the three global areas of training you need to account for in your sales training programme. You will find plenty of knowledge on this topic, in the “Managing an Online Sales Training Academy” course. However, here are a few more resources that will help you in this specific step:
Why use online video training in pre-boarding sales reps - article 
Onboarding sales reps that work remotely - article
The sales skills training you should provide in your sales academy - article

6. Creating an Effective Online Course – Certification Course

Learn how to create effective video training courses for your sales academy, following the best instructional design practices and a fine-tuned process.

In this free certification course, bugle's Digital Learning Experiences team, expert in training content creation, will explain their process, step-by-step, so you can create your courses in an effective and efficient way. 

HubSpot Video

7. Creating your training content

Still on the topic on creating your sales training content, there are of resources at your disposal to help you achieve better retention, engagement and effectiveness.

As you may not be able to have all your training programme’s content available at the same time, on in a timely manner for the launch, it’s important to know where to start in order for your sales team to make the most of your academy from the start so, here’s how to prioritize your academy’s course production pipeline and you can use this course production pipeline template to keep everything on track and organized.

Course Production Pipeline template

You may already have some legacy training or in-person training you want to transform into a digital format. The guide "How to convert in-person training to online delivery" will help you do that.

How To Convert In-Person Training To Online Delivery

Also, check out these articles with additional tips on how to take your training content to the next level:
How to leverage video to teach Sales Skills 
Using documents as course chapters 
10 Tips to make training more engaging and effective  
7 ways to make your training truly learner-focused 

8. How to create a Communication Plan for your Digital Academy - the easy guide for non-marketing folks

Once you have your training content ready in your sales academy, it’s time to launch your academy. This is crucial time on your sales academy’s success.

You may thing a communication plan is only needed for an external audience such as leads or customers, but that’s a common misconception. Just like any other audience, your salespeople need to be engaged and motivated to get training done.

And that’s where this guide comes in. In this guide, you will learn how to build a solid communication plan to launch (or re-launch) your training academy successfully, and keep your sales team engaged and coming back for more.
It includes a practical 10-step action plan that you can use as a checklist to create a successful communication plan. Even if you are not a marketing guru.

How To Create A Communication Plan For Your Digital Academy
You can find a summarised version of this guide, in the article: 8 steps to create your academy’s communication plan


9. How to prove online training impact - guide

Working in sales, in any capacity, you know the importance of showing results and proving value, and your sales training should not be an exception to that. In this guide, you'll learn how to estimate the impact of your training using three different approaches and when you should use each of them.

Keep in mind that good online training must always be reflected in better results!

How To Prove Training Impact

10. Sales Training reporting and analysis – articles

Continuing the topic of proving results, you’ll need detailed reporting on your training both from the perspective of each salesperson and team, and the performance of the training content it self. You have a lot of information on this topic in the "Managing an Online Sales Training Academy" course, but you’ll also benefit from reading these two articles on the topic:
Preventing Training Data Analysis Pitfalls 
The KPIs you should care about when measuring training success


11. Integrating your sales training academy with your CRM – guide and article

Integrating your digital training platform with your CRM will help increase efficiency, productivity, agility, data management, reporting, and offer a smoother experience to your salespeople to navigate between platforms as needed.

Check out the "Software Integration - The layman's guide" to learn more about integration and read the article "7 Training platform integrations to boost your business" to see the full potential of integrating your CRM with your training platform.

Software Integration The Laymans Guide

12. How to get your team onboard with training without making it mandatory – article

Surely this though has crossed your mind. Especially when your training audience is usually so busy and doesn’t always understand the importance that training has on their own performance. This article offers some practical tips you can use to overcome this challenge.

13. Why move your Sales Playbook to an Online Academy - article

This article is dedicated to the most important document within your sales organisation, and the benefits of making your online Sales Academy the home of your Sales playbook.

These are some of the resources that will help you and your team build a fantastic sales training programme and drive a successful sales training academy. But there are more so you’re always welcome to visit the bugle blog, bugle’s resources page, and the bugle Academy.

If you feel this is a bit much for you, we can help you with our easy to use training platform (you can get a free demo here), and our Digital Learning Experiences team can help you create your entire sales training programme, individual courses or add a some vitamins to your training content. So, reach out to the bugle team, we are always happy to help.

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