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The Customer Training Resources you need for a successful 2022

3 min read João Pedro Magalhães, Customer Success Manager

The perfect customer onboarding, making low touch feel like high touch, running a successful customer academy and getting the feedback you need. Check out all the customer training resources you need to take your customer experience, retention, and satisfaction to the next level.

Key resources for customer onboarding

Let’s start at the beginning. The onboarding stage is crucial for a long-lasting and productive relationship with your clients. This is when you set the tone for what’s to come, and you need to offer the tools and knowledge that your customers need to be successful using your product to its fullest. With that in mind, here are some key resources that will help you excel at this stage.

Guide: The big eBook of Customer Onboarding
In this guide, you will find the steps to set up a customer onboarding training programme, how to make it more efficient, pro tips to avoid common pitfalls, and more. You can use what we are going to share in this guide in both low and high touch models. This customer onboarding programme guide will also help you scale and deal with growth without undermining the customers’ experience and happiness.

The Big Ebook Of Customer Onboarding

Course: Mastering Customer Onboarding Training
In this free bugle Academy certification course, you will learn how to plan, create, deliver and measure the success of a great customer onboarding training programme.

HubSpot Video

Top 5 articles on Customer Onboarding
These are the five articles related to customer onboarding process with highest performance at the bugle blog:
2 Ways to Make your Customer Onboarding Scalable
The courses you need for great customer onboarding
Customer activation - show value from day 1
How to create the perfect user guide for SaaS
How to reduce Time to Value with an online Customer Academy

Building a great customer training programme

A great onboarding is key, however, your relationship with your customers is just starting. It’s important to offer continuous support, have a place where your customer can find the information, help and skills that they need, and ultimately to show that you care by providing useful and continuous customer training.

To help you build the best customer training programme, these resources will help.

Guide: 7 steps to setup Customer training
In this guide, you will find the 7 steps you need to take to set up an effective and efficient customer training in your company.

7 Steps To SetUp Customer Training

Top 10 articles on Customer Training
5 ways to increase customer engagement
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How to align customer training with customer success goals
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7 ways to make your training truly learner-focused
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How to create the course production pipeline for your Customer Academy
How to increase your audience’s engagement with your courses

Preventing churn

For any customer care professional, in any company, anywhere in the world, this is the main goal: preventing churn. It’s so important these two articles are consistently in the top of the bugle blog most read articles:
Preventing Customer Churn: how to identify and fix red flags
5 Reasons why customers leave and 5 tips to prevent it

Reporting, Analysis and Feedback

As in any activity, analysing results and understanding what’s working and what needs improvement is a must. Also, training is an activity that involves investment (people, time and budget) so proving its impact in business results is also fundamental.

These resources will help you do that.

Guide: How to prove online training impact
In this guide, you'll learn how to estimate online training impact using three different approaches, and when you should use each of them.

How To Prove Training Impact

Survey examples: Customer Onboarding Analysis
Get feedback from the key stakeholders related to the onboarding process: your customers, former customers and the customer care team(s). These survey examples will help you get all the information you need to understand what needs to be improved and what is already working well.

Customer Onboarding Programme Analysis survey examples
These are top two articles on this topic:
Preventing Training Data Analysis Pitfalls
The KPIs you should care about when measuring training success

You can find more resources on customer training, customer onboarding, online training, video course creation and much more at the bugle blog, bugle’s resources page and at the bugle Academy.

Here is some additional knowledge you can dive into:
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Why digital training is the smart choice for your business (article)
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