The Contact Centre daily challenges you can fix with online video training

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Managing a contact centre requires a huge amount of flexibility: organisations needs to be able to successfully manage the daily operations of the workforce across multiple channels in order to ensure that every customer request — regardless of channel and personal journey — is fulfilled. This means juggling many activities, different people, diverse time zones… let alone the onboarding, ongoing training and reporting for all agents at all locations. This is a very demanding job, no doubt. But there is one thing that can help you ease this load and overcome some of the challenge of contact centre management: online video training.

 Before we list some of the ways by which online video training can help you overcome customer success challenges, it is important to note that customer expectations are on the rise. Customer care is a huge part of the customer success puzzle: improving performance management and implementing training best practices in your contact centre is key to keeping your customers happy… and happy customers are the best indicator to customer repurchase and brand loyalty.

Good online video training will not only boost productivity, it will ensure a higher quality of customer service overall. Moreover, an online training academy will have an impact on customer churn, retention and adoption, helping your performance KPIs move up and to the right. The benefits are innumerable, but let us deep-dive on a few of them.


Contact Centre daily challenges you can fix with online video training?

1. Timely and consistent onboarding experience for new agents

Having your onboarding courses ready and available online means every new agent can easily access that content, regardless of location and start date. The coordination of welcome modules can be centralised and simplified, allowing for the delivery of the same content to every new-starter.


2. A world-wide training experience at no higher cost

We already know that in-person training is expensive for remote teams, and the information often isn’t accessible afterwards. A web-based learning academy will easily overcome time-zone issues and reduce your travelling costs.  Contact centre agents can go through training at their own pace and in their own location, eliminating the need for superfluous expenses. And you can track training progress and evaluation via the training platform.


3. Constantly updated content

If you only have one version of your training content — available online — and that version is always the most updated, you will solve one of the biggest training frustrations: outdated materials and confusing versions of the same content. An online academy will simplify content updates, just make sure you choose a platform that will allow you to do them with agility.


4. 24/7 access to training materials

A web-based platform will optimise idle time for training: agents can use less busy or wait times to access learning materials. Because video is a bite-sized, easily digestible format with proven high retention, it can make for a more productive (and fun!) idle time for agents. Because your learning platform works across devices, agents can choose when, where and how to access training, empowering them to steer their learning path.


5. More agility and less duplication

An online learning academy will reduce duplicated work and nip query repeatability in the bud. It is undeniable that any contact centre will have questions that come up more regularly than others. A customer training academy will provide your customers with 24/7 access to their queries’ answers and self-help. Just think of the amount of time you can save your agents!


6. Reduced turn-around-time and improved satisfaction

An online academy will help you save time and reduce the need for lengthy explanations from the agents: they can share a link to a video chapter hosted in the customer training academy instead of writing up step-by-step instructions on how to do something. This will reduce their turn-around-time and increase both your teams’ and your clients’ satisfaction.


7. Improved agent skills = stronger performance

You can feed your academy with all the training content you find necessary and useful for your agents. This can include soft skills such as communication, active listening and building rapport, CRM usage, customer care… Choose different video types to fit the type of knowledge you are sharing: screen-casts for software usage; animations for concepts; presenter or role-play for methodologies and processes… By making skills training available, you are facilitating their access to a useful tool that will help them perform better. Remember that this content is always available, and they can re-watch it at anytime, anywhere.


8. Stronger product knowledge and alignment

Some of the top customer complaints with regard to support services are: the agents were not aligned and shared conflicting information; the agents were not helpful; the customers didn’t understand the explanation. Having an online academy will help both agents and customers have access to updated information on the product and understand how to communicate it (for agents) and use it (for customers). This includes new features or services, contributing to a quicker deployment of updates and a nimbler communication pace.


A quick word on the technology you choose: make sure your platform is an aid rather than a hindrance — its usage must be simple, intuitive and flawless.

In short, an online video training academy will help you overcome some of the biggest customer success challenges — service quality, message alignment, 24/7 availability, retention, satisfaction and churn — while saving time and money, and delighting your customers. What is holding you back? Are you ready to get your bugle on?

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Writen by Maria Fernandes
02-May-2019 11:44:00

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