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The benefits of Integration and how bugle’s API can help

2 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

Integration offers many benefits, especially in terms of productivity, efficiency and reporting. This includes being able to integrate your training platform seamlessly with your other key tools like your CRM, PMP, Marketing Automation platform, Customer Management tools and so on.

You may have heard the acronym API before. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and this is the most common tool to connect different software. At bugle, we have a public API that is, for the most part, how we connect the bugle training platform with our customers’ products and other tools.

Our API is based on an architecture called REST which, without using technical gibberish, makes APIs predictable and resource oriented. This means, it uses built-in features that allow easy access from any programming language via off-the-shelf libraries and tools.

What is Integration and why you should care about it?

Integration is the connection of two or more platforms with each other in order to make it work – either totally or partially – as one. This happens by combining parts of different software systems into one system.

There are different types of integration from a technical point of view. Depending on the platforms’ systems, the integration can be more or less complex and time-consuming. Integration involves technical actions and that’s why it’s important to involve the tech team when you decide to do it. In this article, we won’t go into the technical part. However, it’s important for you to understand its benefits and impact it can bring to both your team and any third parties such as customers or partners.

If an integration is done right, you don’t even notice there is one at play. User experience and functionality are very important for its success. As a user, you have probably gone through a few integrations without even noticing. For example, have you ever used your social media sign-in to access a different platform? That’s an example of an SSO (single sign on) integration.
At bugle, we do this integration when our customers want their training audience to be able to access their Academy using the same login as their product, CRM, PMP or other tools.

Other quite common integrations are when your platform’s dashboard receives data from different data sources, either for reporting purposes, for you to manage, or to be used as trigger for other actions. This differs depending on your business area.

For example:
In Sales, it can be customer data from the Marketing and Customer Success platforms.
In Customer Service, it can be the website’s chat app, the CRM, SMS text support.
In Partners Management, it can be the partners’ platforms.
In Marketing, it can be Google Analytics, a heat-map and behavioural analysis tool, a video reporting tool.

With bugle’s API, you can also have your training tool connected with the tools you use for other purposes. Whether your training audience is customers, partners, leads or employees, you’ll be able to have a more comprehensive view of the impact training has on your key business metrics, it will be easier to identify knowledge gaps and training needs, and more.

So, take some time to think about what integrations you would like to put in place to help you - and your team - be more productive and efficient.

In summary, integrations allow companies to have all the high-quality tools they need to achieve their goals, without losing sight of an integrated view and ease of use and analysis.

If you want to learn more about Software Integration without all the technical gibberish, download the “Software Integration – The layman’s guide”, where you can find more information on this topic and use case examples for Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Partner Management and Human Resources.

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To learn more about how bugle’s API or how it can integrate with the tools you use, contact the bugle team.

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