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Onboarding remote employees

Employee onboarding is supposed to accomplish several goals: welcome the new team member, set them up for success, connect with the team and help them feel part of the family. In an office, the physical presence plays a big part of this integration. However, when onboarding a remote employee, you may need to adjust your onboarding process to fully accomplish these goals. 

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The KPIs you should care about when measuring training success

You already know that training your staff, your customers and your partners will positively impact your business results. In this article, we will list some of the metrics you want to be looking at when assessing the value of your training initiatives, and what KPIs directly link training to corporate success.

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How to identify knowledge gaps in your team

According to most dictionaries, we know that when there is something missing from a situation that prevents it from being complete or satisfactory, we can say there is a gap. A knowledge gap is a difference that is related to expertise, skills and know-how. It occurs when there is a significant disparity between what an organisation needs and the current capabilities of its staff.

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How to encourage lifelong learning among your employees

When someone’s pursuit of knowledge is “ongoing, voluntary and self-motivated”, it can be called lifelong learning. Lifelong learning takes a holistic approach to education and development, actively encouraging people to learn throughout their entire lives while enhancing their human potential as a whole. Lifelong learning is different from continuing education of job-based skills development: it has a broader scope and more creative outlets, such as online tools and courses.

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How to make the case for a Sales Training Academy

Regardless of the innumerable benefits a sales academy can bring to your company — and there sure are plenty —, if you fail to prove the impact such an academy will have on the business, it may be difficult to get the necessary buy-in to establish it in the first place.

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How to implement a learning culture in your company

Creating and fostering a learning culture is quite different to simply having your Learning and Development team deliver a set of training courses. It means creating an environment where knowledge and best practices are shared between employees and teams as a constant practice. Fostering a learning culture is acknowledging that there is a growth mind-set at the core of your company's values.

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