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How to extend the life and reach of your training content

You create an eLearning course, have a live training session or webinar. That’s wonderful, however, how can you make sure the training content lasts longer, continues up to date and reaches more people? That’s what this article is all about.

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video training, online training

Audio recording tips: how to capture great audio with your smartphone

Great audio is fundamental for video training. It can be a retention factor or, when not done well, a distraction. Today, technology allows you to easily create videos with your smartphone. In order to make the most of it, and consistently record good audio, we’re going to walk you through some tips that you’ll want to know about before recording your first - or next - video training course.

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video training, online training

Is AI a “new” solution for online video training?

Online video training courses involve a set of different steps which consume time and resources. The truth is that even if you are part of a well-oiled team resembling a Formula 1 pit stop crew, there is always room for additions and improvements.

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video training, online training

Synchronous, asynchronous, or blended e-learning? Which is better?

Every company has its training goals. Whether to up or re-skill people or to comply with mandatory training, learning managers or team leaders are responsible for their teams’ training to bridge knowledge gaps and, at the same time, promote personal and organisational growth. But with teams dispersed in different locations, driven by the rise of hybrid workplaces, they face a new challenge. In a sea of e-learning approaches, how to decide which is more effective? Synchronous, asynchronous, or a combination of the two?

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Sometimes your training content just needs some vitamins

You have just received the video from the last webinar the product and the marketing teams presented to the sales reps. It is a one and half hours long webinar presenting the new product that is being launched next week. It was delivered to you for you to make it available on the company’s online training platform, so everyone could see it. Sounds familiar?

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Is Ruby ready for Enterprise?

At first glance, this post may sound a bit "techy", however I'll relax on the technical terms and focus on explaining how a platform’s stack can help achieve demanding requirements at the Enterprise software industry, and how we handle those requirements, at bugle.

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Tips to quickly create & deliver a professional-looking online course

When time is of the essence, there are some things you can do to quickly go from having no course to having an amazing, professional looking course.

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How to create a professional eLearning Academy on a budget

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’ve already thought about implementing an online Academy but felt demotivated to do so when you started to plan for costs and resources. When we think of eLearning, our minds usually default to courses assembled by professionals with experienced presenters recording a deeply thought-out script in a studio; or beautifully animated courses with professional narrators adding the much-needed human touch. These productions are costly and time consuming, which puts them out of reach when budget is a concern.
But what if I told you that you don’t need these high-level productions to start building an engaging and successful eLearning Academy?

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Online learning: the (not so new) trend that keeps on growing

We all know that this pandemic was a turning point for understanding the power of digital. The challenge now is embedding this concept in companies, as a whole: in recruitment, onboarding, training, communication, processes, customer relations, the way we deliver services.

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4 things I’ve learned, as a millennial, with Gen Z

I’m a learning experience designer, a millennial one. I don’t know what “cringe” is and I still wear skinny jeans. My job is to design visual assets that bring online courses to life. I'm always concerned about making interesting and useful training videos, that aren’t boring and appeal to the majority. I’ve learned a lot from my senior instructional designers and project managers, and I began to understand and appreciate all the eLearning best practices.

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