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Announcing the new and improved version of the bugle website

A fresh new look, more product videos, more digital learning services, more training and industry solutions, three free demo options, and more customer feedback. What remains the same? Lots of free educational content for you.

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More focus and attention, please!

Did you know that attention is a cognitive skill that can be strengthened and trained? And that this skill helps us improve our efficacy and advance the quality of our work? It’s true! And I have some tips to help you on this path.

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How to convert in-person training to online delivery - a practical guide

The world is constantly evolving but, sometimes, there are unexpected triggers that force us to change faster. The 2020 pandemic made us change our standards and rely even more on technology and digital means. In the learning industry that brought some distress, especially regarding the conversion of in-person training to online delivery.

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The North Star Metric and bugle's online training use case

The North Star is a guiding light that helps navigation wherever you are on Earth, to reach your destination. As this star lies directly above the Earth’s Northern Pole, it is a steady point of reference in the night. In business, the North Star has exactly the same purpose: to be a guide to keep both leadership and team focused on the right direction to achieve success and growth.

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Lessons from pair programming applied to online training

Although pair programming is usually associated with code writing, there are some lessons and benefits that also apply to online training. 

3 min read Ana Silva, Back-end developer Continue reading

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How to get more ROI from your training

Regardless of numerous benefits of training, managers are being pushed to do more with less money and fewer resources. In this article, we will look at how to prove the value of learning initiatives over its costs, as well as different ways to ensure that you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to training.

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How to make knowledge sharing effective and scalable in your company

Sharing knowledge, training, and keeping your team in the loop of important information is very important. However, as your company grows, it can become a bit of a challenge to scale this in an effective way. In this article, you will find 6 helpful tips.

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The benefits of Integration and how bugle’s API can help

Integration offers many benefits, especially in terms of productivity, efficiency and reporting. This includes being able to integrate your training platform seamlessly with your other key tools like your CRM, PMP, Marketing Automation platform, Customer Management tools and so on.

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How can low-touch feel like high-touch?

Different companies have different customer success approaches, and the decision between a low-touch or high-touch support model is usually dictated by strategic drivers as much as economic constraints. The two models are generally portrayed against one another, as often companies transition from high- to low-touch when scaling their business.

3 min read Francisca Cordeiro, Head of Customer Success Continue reading

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Quick tip to increase efficiency accessing your bugle platform

Sometimes you need to focus in just one task so, in this article, we’re showing you how to create a quicker access to your bugle platform (either as a student or as back office manager) that allows you to have a focused view, without other tabs or distractions.

1 min read Flavio Moreira, Front end developer at bugle Continue reading

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