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Sometimes your training content just needs some vitamins

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You have just received the video from the last webinar the product and the marketing teams presented to the sales reps. It is a one and half hours long webinar presenting the new product that is being launched next week. It was delivered to you for you to make it available on the company’s online training platform, so everyone could see it. Sounds familiar?

Maybe you’ve never had to transform a webinar into a course, but surely you have been in a situation where you have a ton of resources, or even just one, you need to make available as training to your team, customers, or partners. This could be sales presentations, marketing content, videos, safety regulations sheets, or anything, really. All those resources are great starting points, and to turn them into a great online course or learning path, they may just need some vitamins.

So, you have the resources in your hands, but although being important information, they are not exactly in perfect shape to become engaging training experiences. What if there was a simple but effective way to improve your learning audience's experience? What if there was a way to transform your resources into a relevant asynchronous learning path?

We have good news, there is: we have identified the vitamins needed to make your course creation process more efficient, to improve your audience’s experience, and to offer a great piece of training content.

Here are the essential vitamins to improve your online training

Vitamin C: Character

Did you know that you can share a short video teaser to grab your audience’s interest in the course?
Make sure your course’s subject shines through, and your audience is captivated by it and its benefits. For that, define the course’s description, goals, audience, and author’s bio. With this simple information, for instance, in the form of a teaser, your audience will feel welcomed and guided.

Vitamin S: Structure

Did you know that each chapter should relate to a specific learning goal and convey a maximum of 3 ideas?
Imagine you have a webinar recording you want to transform into a course. Go through the webinar recording and identify the structure within it: the themes and the topics. Structure it into chapters, knowing that each chapter should relate to a learning goal. The result should be a logical sequence of 3-to-5-minute chapters, rather than a 1-hour long video.

Vitamin E: Edition

What if you have an hour-long video and you've already defined the new structure it should be split into? Well, you just need to use an editing tool to cut and paste the 1-hour video into the chapters you’ve identified in the structure.

These are free or low-cost editing tools that are easy to use, even if you are a beginner in video editing.
Once you have adventured into the video editing world, try to add:
- background music. You can find some free music, for example at DL Sounds.
- simple visuals, such as words or icons. You can find free icons here that you can add to your courses
- Transitions between ideas, with titles. This will level up the learning experience and it doesn't require an expert editing level.

Vitamin I: Interactions

Did you know that you can use the Q&A feature to have pre-inserted FAQs and answers?
Identify the topics you want to evaluate, the topics that require individual reflection and the frequently asked questions and create the interactive elements that complement your video content: quizzes, challenges, Q&A, and final assessment. These will add extra interest and engage your students throughout the course.

So, going through these simple vitamins, you are applying instructional design practices and making the content richer and cohesive, improving your learners’ retention and engagement. If you don’t feel comfortable yet doing it on your own, you can hire an instructional design team. If you’re a bugle client, you can access the vitamin packages that our Digital Learning Experiences team has to offer.
Either way, now you know: If you need to boost your online training, just give it some vitamins!

Check out the “Creating an effective online course” free certification course at the bugle academy, or read the “How to create a video training course: the complete step by step guide”.

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