15 signs your company is having growth pains & 7 tips to act on it

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Download this checklist to help you understand if your company is experiencing growth pains and how well your team is handling them. Also, you can find 7 practical tips that will help you deal with growth and successfully prepare for a sustainable future. 

How does this checklist work? 


1. Gather your team, or part of your team with people from different operational levels, and go through the checklist together (you can do the assessment yourself, but for better results, listen to your team)
2. Start your meeting by creating a safe environment where all participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences (if you feel a group setting won't make people comfortable enough, go for a one to one version - the important thing is to make sure you get the reality from top to bottom)
3. Listen and take note of what your team has to say, and assess the results
4. Take a look at the tips list to find ideas on how to overcome the issues you found, or how to prevent future issues. And take action as soon as possible!

Download the checklist and tips here!

How to identify and overcome company growth challenges


Writen by Joana Fonseca
20-Sep-2018 11:11:00

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