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1 min read Carina Leal, Product Manager at bugle

Did you know you can share direct links to your bugle training videos in your own tools, and use SSO to ensure students don't need to sign in again?

There are several use cases where it makes sense to embed in your software tools the link to your company academy, to specific courses, or even to specific training videos:

- add these links to your intranet so that your internal team has an easy access to your training

- add these links to your website’s product page, to explain your products to your prospects

- add these links directly in your product (if it's a software) to educate your customers, increasing their satisfaction and engagement with 24/7 tutorials

- add these links to your operations backoffice so that your partners can access critical business training information

- the possibilities are endless!

Once your learner clicks on your link, and if SSO integration is in place, they will enter directly in the course area. No additional sign-ups or logins required.

With this kind of integrations in place, you get the best of 2 worlds: bugle's powerful backoffice will  allow you to publish great content, target specific groups of students and analyse training results. But your own tools and platforms will be the student front-office, where they get access to the video training.

Connecting, sharing and measuring training as never been so easy!

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