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Scale your operations smoothly with online Partners Training

2 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

Having a robust partner network is important for your business’ growth, success and longevity. Partners can give your business a competitive edge, additional resources, a larger customer base… not to mention access to new products or services, and the possibility to take over specific activities that can be outsourced.
Maintaining your partner network informed, engaged and motivated can be hard (and costly!) when your partners are spread across different locations. 


So, how can online partners training help you scale your operation?

Online training has a wide reach and is always available. Because it is stored on the web, online training is available 24/7 and can be accessed through any device and from any location - only a few clicks away.

Consistency and high-quality standards. You are in control of the learning experience and can ensure the same level of quality to every learner. Updates and add-ons are easy to manage, and you can be sure the latest version of your content is the one that is available.

Time effective. There are 3 main reasons why online training is time effective. Firstly, it makes it easy to fit in training in your partners schedules. Secondly, training is available at any time so, new partners or new team members can access it in a timely manner and start right away with their activity. And, by creating one training once, and for all, you can spare time to create additional training that help your partners do their jobs (even) better.

Online training is cost-effective. How much will you save on travel expenses and one-off training sessions, and on the bureaucratic overhead of all the admin tasks, training materials, venues, and so on? With online training, you can offer consistent onboarding and regular training without the cost of travel and repetition. Also, if you have updates, new training content, or need to change something in your courses, you can easily do it once – and it will automatically be available for all.

Strong metrics. An online training solution can help you have more detailed and accurate reporting than any other format. This means you get actionable insights on partners training that you can cross reference with partners performance and make the necessary adjustments where needed.

A solid online training platform, or LMS (Learning Management System), will help you connect your operations and partner management strategy to a strong execution.

In short, with an online partners training academy, scaling your operations becomes easier and cost-effective. By offering your partners a great online onboarding and training experience you will be helping them perform their jobs better. And that is great for everyone.

Partners Training, with bugle:

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