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How to create a professional eLearning Academy on a budget

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’ve already thought about implementing an online Academy but felt demotivated to do so when you started to plan for costs and resources. When we think of eLearning, our minds usually default to courses assembled by professionals with experienced presenters recording a deeply thought-out script in a studio; or beautifully animated courses with professional narrators adding the much-needed human touch. These productions are costly and time consuming, which puts them out of reach when budget is a concern.
But what if I told you that you don’t need these high-level productions to start building an engaging and successful eLearning Academy?

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4 things I’ve learned, as a millennial, with Gen Z

I’m a learning experience designer, a millennial one. I don’t know what “cringe” is and I still wear skinny jeans. My job is to design visual assets that bring online courses to life. I'm always concerned about making interesting and useful training videos, that aren’t boring and appeal to the majority. I’ve learned a lot from my senior instructional designers and project managers, and I began to understand and appreciate all the eLearning best practices.

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You can now record Loom videos in the bugle training platform

We have great news! You can now record Loom videos in your bugle platform and use them as course chapters.

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How to convert in-person training to online delivery - a practical guide

The world is constantly evolving but, sometimes, there are unexpected triggers that force us to change faster. The 2020 pandemic made us change our standards and rely even more on technology and digital means. In the learning industry that brought some distress, especially regarding the conversion of in-person training to online delivery.

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Using documents as course chapters

Make your reading chapters easier to read, more engaging and effective. Using documents as course chapter content isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Follow along as I break down the best practices of using reading content in your courses.

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The North Star Metric and bugle's online training use case

The North Star is a guiding light that helps navigation wherever you are on Earth, to reach your destination. As this star lies directly above the Earth’s Northern Pole, it is a steady point of reference in the night. In business, the North Star has exactly the same purpose: to be a guide to keep both leadership and team focused on the right direction to achieve success and growth.

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Customer Success Team: How can we help you?

Bugle’s Customer Success team’s main goal is to guarantee that our customers achieve their desired outcomes with our platform, making sure that everyone who starts using bugle does not want to hear about any other solution! Maybe it seems easy, but doing it right means an ongoing relationship-building process and a dedicated client-first team.  

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Why bugle is a (proud) partner of the TalentoxHoreca initiative

It is with great pride and happiness that I write these words to announce that bugle is a partner of TalentoxHoreca, an outstanding social responsibility initiative developed by Nestlé Professional and Randstad.

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Behind the scenes with bugle’s product team

How many times have we wanted to be the fly on the wall to understand what is going on, what is said and decided? In this article, I will open the curtains to the behind the scenes of how bugle’s product team works on creating and developing the bugle platform, how everything happens and why it happens.

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Training Trends 2021

Every year, we share the training trends to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of corporate training and so you can prepare your plans to stay in the forefront of what customers, partners and employees are expecting from your training activities.

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