Our re-branding story: how SABE became bugle

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Behind every re-branding there is a story. This is ours.

Once upon a time, a learning enthusiast team decided to tackle the big challenge of online corporate training. Our goal was to produce the best corporate online video training catalogue in our market — the Portuguese speaking world.

But we quickly understood that the market we were targeting was not large enough for our ambition. It would be very hard to grow and sustain our business with this specific model.

Still, as our courses started to hit the market, something great happened. Our customers started asking questions about the video training platform and they also wanted to know the team responsible for content creation. Well, the platform had been developed by our tech team. And the courses had been produced by our own internal video training experts.

During this process we found two significant corporate struggles. The first is that most organizations see online learning technologies as too expensive, too difficult or relying on formats that are too boring! The second is that most companies lack video training production capabilities. These barriers were very clear when talking to business leaders of growing businesses. We’ve met many sales managers with a growing need to educate their sales reps and also many customer support leads who were struggling to on-board their growing customer base. Operations managers struggling with lack of coordination with their partners. And marketing managers looking to set up brand academies as part of their increasingly competitive customer acquisition efforts.

We quickly figured out that our simple, yet beautiful video training tool could help. And that our content team could work with these customers to assist them in finding their training tone in video. So, we moved forward, shifting our internal gear. We transformed our platform into a stand-alone product and we started offering content production services, becoming a SaaS. Soon we were working with exciting corporate customers such as Farfetch, Treatwell, Randstad, NOS, WeDo Technologies, Leopharma, COLEP... and the list kept growing!

Until today we have kept our original brand (SABE), the one we created for our video training catalogue.

We are now happy to announce the re-branding of our SaaS as bugle.

 Bugle is a musical instrument which has been used for centuries as a means of communication. The bugle can be heard over long distances and it stands out even in a loud environment, so it is highly effective way to communicate information and to extend knowledge to large groups of people, wherever they are and whenever they need it. The sound of a bugle is clear, simple and beautiful.

 We have built this incredible SaaS that allows companies to share video training and informal knowledge with large numbers of professionals. Just like a bugle, our tool is simple to use, communicates clearly and it is quite beautiful!

 Going forward, we will continue to help Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Support, HR and other strategic teams to achieve better results with customers, prospects, business partners, distributors, employees and other stakeholders by providing a very easy to use video training and knowledge sharing platform that will help them sell more, reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce operational costs and meet all other business goals.

If you are looking to create your simple, easy to use, self-service online academy, I invite you to try bugle! You can have your digital academy ready and fully branded in less than one hour — and then take it from there. You can start creating your training videos immediately with a smartphone camera and some creativity: it couldn’t be easier!

As we set the foundations for bugle, our mission became increasingly clear: with our simple tool and great video training team, we want to implode all the current barriers that prevent video from being adopted as the primary knowledge sharing format in the business world. We are very excited with what the future will bring and we would like to invite you to take part in it. We are waiting for you at bugle!

 See you soon!

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Writen by João Ferro Rodrigues
05-Jun-2018 15:57:32

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