Measure and analyse your training’s additional resources with bugle

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You already know that bugle offers detailed reporting on your training, courses, audience and connect tool. Now, you can also analyse detailed performance and interactions with any extra resource you have in the academy.

These additional resources you add to courses or directly to the courses page are sometimes overlooked, and you don’t get reporting on them the. But they are an important part of your training to add depth to your courses, to use as guide or keep for further reading on the topic. These can be action checklists, regulation codes, fact sheets, product manuals, templates, infographics, schemes, and so on.

Now, bugle’s adding documents analytics to its already detailed reporting so you can measure your student engagement with ALL the content, making sure they take full advantage of all knowledge available!

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Writen by Carina Leal
22-Oct-2018 12:32:00

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