Match your learning content with specific learner profiles

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Regardless of the size of your training audience, it is likely you have different training goals, and need to convey different messages to specific groups of learners. With bugle, you can easily assign the right onboarding and training content to segmented groups (or even individuals).

The point of using an online video training platform to onboard and train your customers, partners or team is to be able to reach everyone you need to reach with the same (high) standards, and to offer real value to the people that are critical to your business.

To do this, you need to offer relevant content to each segment, and not crowd their profile with every single piece of content you have created.

Segmenting by criteria such as geography (location or market the audience focuses on), business area or job function is a quite basic segmentation and, in some cases, enough. However, the possibilities are endless as any criteria or combination of criteria can be used to assign a specific training content.

So, unless it’s a welcome message from your CEO or department Head… well, even in this case, you can have a different welcome message for different audience segments.

Don’t forget! Personalization is important, not just in the way your Academy looks, but also in the content you share with each audience cluster.

Ready to make the right training reach the right people? Get your bugle on!



Writen by Carina Leal
19-Nov-2018 15:09:00

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